Is Legit? Let Us Know The Truth Here!

Many people are wondering if legit or not, and we’re here to find out!

Is Legit (2022) Let Us Know The Truth Here! >> This post will help you in finding the trustworthiness of the site that offers affiliate services.

The Legit website is a certified affiliate marketing company that fulfills each and every need of its clients.

The website offers credible products, surveys, data collection, and other services. There are a variety of products that they offer to their customers.


What is Legit is a new affiliate marketing company that will be in the business of promoting products and services through social media influencers. It has just been launched on website.

The company will be making use of the influencers in social media to promote the products or services of its customers.

What is

It will make available the list of influencers to its customers so that they can contact them for marketing their products or services. offers a special software to the influencers which they can use to fill the surveys, sign up for offers and get rewards. For example, for each follower the influencer has, his or her followers receive $1.

The social media company is assuring that all its members can become productive users, earning high payouts.

The benefits OF

  • Easy way to make online income with no investment
  • Get paid for every survey you complete
  • Make more money by referring people to sign up on your referral link
  • Get paid for every survey you complete, just like your favorite influencers do!
  • Get free product samples from brands and companies, just like your favorite influencers do!

Year after year, continues to receive positive feedback from many countries around the world for their customer support service and quick processing of payments.

The brand is giving away 100$ amazon gift cards each month to some lucky student who completes 20+ questionnaires in a month. You may be eligible to receive a $50 gift certificate in exchange for referrals.

How does works?

The social media advertiser pays to get traffic from Revenue generated by social media targeting services is going back to the affiliates. Let’s look at the web traffic originating from this site in our next post.

Key features of

  • You can view the video or contact the manager via your affiliate dashboard to figure out, navigate, and utilize certain online areas.
  • After you’ve chosen a payment method and confirmed your order, we’ll rush it to you as quickly as possible.
  • The is a completely free service.
  • You will earn $50 as a sign-up bonus.
  • For each friend invitation you receive, you will get $15.
  • You may locate the answer on the website, which will assist you in beginning.

Is Legit?

Under the topic of legitimacy, many fraudulent websites now appear on the network, masquerading as a legitimate portal.

Is Legit?

To learn more about Surveyj and to make sure it’s right for you, please keep reading.

  • The website was established on April 18, 2021, which is the date of domain registration.
  • After 18/04/2022, the website’s domain will expire.
  • The website’s content quality is excellent, with most of it being of good quality.
  • Customer comments – On the website, you may discover Instagram stories and DM screenshots where people have advertised their earnings from the Surveyj.
  • The trust rank of a website- According to the trust indicator, the site has a 42.2 percent trust rank.
  • The site’s trust score is 1% only.
  • The website’s popularity- According to the internet, the site has not received a lot of interactions from the United States audience.

Customers’ Reviews

Sites like are actively monitoring and responding to feedback about the site on external websites, including providing screenshots of such feedback.

At, we believe that reviews are crucial for online retail websites to grow in the competitive market. This is why we spent weeks collecting data from hundreds of customers’ reviews about different software solutions —​ we based our findings on average star ratings, positive and negative comments, and sales through their website.

Bottom Line

We do not currently have any We do not have a solid recommendation for whether or not is genuine. We caution our readers to use this website with extreme care.

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