CMP Outage List

CMP Outage List: Everything You Need To Know About Power Outages In Maine

Power outages can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially during harsh Maine winters. Knowing where outages are occurring and when power may be restored is key to planning and minimizing disruption. Central Maine Power (CMP) provides an outage list and restoration status to help customers stay informed.

Key Takeaways:

  • CMP serves over 600,000 customers in southern and central Maine
  • Outages can be caused by storms, damage, equipment issues
  • CMP provides an online outage list updated in real-time
  • The list shows number and location of outages by county and town
  • Customers can report outages by phone or online to be added to the list
  • CMP aims to restore power within 24 hours but some outages take longer
  • Contact CMP to get personalised outage updates and restoration estimates
  • Prepare an emergency kit and plan ahead to stay safe during prolonged outages

Central Maine Power (CMP) is the main electricity provider for over 600,000 homes and businesses across southern and central Maine. As the primary utility company in the region, CMP is responsible for the delivery of electricity to customers in 11 counties in Maine.

Like all power companies, CMP’s distribution system is susceptible to outages from severe storms, damage, equipment issues and other grid disruptions. The prevalence of trees and remote areas in Maine also increases the frequency of electricity disruptions for CMP customers.

When outages occur, CMP aims to restore service safely and as quickly as possible. While minor outages may last only a few hours, more significant outages can persist for days. To help customers prepare and get updates on restoration progress, CMP provides an online outage list showing known electrical outages around their service area.

How CMP Tracks and Reports Outages

CMP has an advanced outage management system that provides real-time information on electrical outages across their network.

Here’s how it works:

  • Smart meters and sensors monitor electricity flow across CMP’s system
  • When an outage occurs, the system detects the power loss automatically
  • Outage details are transmitted to CMP’s outage management center
  • CMP dispatchers validate the outage and begin restoration efforts
  • Confirmed outages are added to CMP’s online outage list and map

In addition to automatically detected outages, customers can also report electricity disruptions by:

  • Calling 800-696-1000 to speak with a CMP representative
  • Reporting an outage online via CMP’s WebOutage page
  • Using CMP’s mobile app to submit a report

Reports from customers help CMP identify affected areas and allocate crews effectively. Details from customers are validated before outages are formally listed.

Viewing CMP’s Outage List and Maps

To view current outages in CMP’s service area, you can check their online outage list available at This list provides real-time information on the number and location of power disruptions across CMP’s network.

The outage list organizes information by county and town, allowing you to see at a glance how many customers are affected in your area. The list is updated continuously as outages are reported and crews make repairs.

In addition to the outage list, CMP provides an interactive outage map at This map allows you to zoom in to street level to see exactly where electrical outages are located. You can click on icons to get outage details for specific areas.

Key information provided through CMP’s online tools includes:

  • Number of customers affected – How many CMP customers have lost power
  • Location details – County, town, street or intersection where an outage occurred
  • Cause – Preliminary information on why power was disrupted
  • Crew status – Whether crews have been dispatched and timeline for repairs
  • Estimated restoration – The estimated time when power may be restored

How Long Do CMP Outages Last?

The duration of power outages on CMP’s system can range from minutes to days depending on the severity and nature of the issue.

Some factors that influence how long outages last include:

  • Extent of damage – Outages from significant damage like fallen trees, poles, and lines take longer to repair. Localized issues can be fixed faster.
  • Crew availability – The number of available line crews impacts how quickly repairs can be made across the system.
  • Accessibility – Reaching damaged infrastructure in remote or rugged areas delays response times.
  • Weather conditions – Rain, wind, lightning, snow and ice can hamper repair work and extend outages.
  • Number of customers affected – Restoring scattered small outages happens faster than fixing issues impacting thousands of meters.

Under normal circumstances, CMP aims to restore power for most customers within 24 hours. However, major storms and widespread damage can lead to multi-day outages that take 3-5 days to fully repair.

Prolonged outages of a week or more typically only occur during catastrophic events like hurricanes, ice storms and blizzards that cause extensive, system-wide destruction.

Getting Personalized Outage Updates

While CMP’s general outage list provides a broad overview, you can get personalized updates on your local outage by:

  • Contacting CMP online or by phone – Talk to a representative to get outage restoration estimates and updates specific to your location.
  • Checking municipal updates – Many towns and cities share localized outage details from CMP through their websites, social media and alert systems.
  • Using outage alert services – Sign up for outage texts and emails through services like
  • Following CMP on social media – CMP posts regional outage updates and estimated restoration times on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Connecting with neighbors – Check in with nearby residents and businesses to get on-the-ground reports from your area.

Staying patient and communicating with CMP is key during prolonged outages. Multiple calls to CMP can tie up phone lines needed for new outage reports and emergency coordination.

Preparing for Outages in Maine

Because power disruptions are common in Maine, being prepared can minimize the impact of outages:

  • Have emergency supplies – Stock water, non-perishable food, batteries, flashlights, first aid kit.
  • Charge devices beforehand – Make sure cell phones and backup batteries are fully charged if storms are forecast.
  • Stay connected – Have battery-powered radio and use phone sparingly to conserve charge.
  • Check on others – Ensure vulnerable neighbors have access to power outage information and resources.
  • Review generator safety – Never run generators indoors or near vents and windows.
  • Have cash on hand – ATMs and credit card readers may not work during outages.
  • Avoid downed lines – Assume all fallen wires are energized and dangerous.
  • Disconnect appliances – Unplug major electronics to avoid damage from surges when power is restored.
  • Report new outages – Let CMP know if your power goes out after initial restoration.

CMP works around the clock to restore electricity safely after disruptions. But outages still present challenges, especially for vulnerable community members. Staying informed using CMP’s outage list can help you weather power disruptions in Maine.

CountyTownCustomers AffectedCauseCrew StatusEst. Restoration
AndroscogginGreene187Tree on lineCrew en route1:30pm
CumberlandCumberland1432Equipment failureCrews working3:45pm
FranklinJay94Vehicle accidentAssessing damage5:30pm
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