Offthepress .com Review : Is It Legit or Scam ?

It’s not just a website. is the place where they collect the most essential news and stories that frequently stay aside from the mainstream media attention. The website raises voices of the most marginalized communities—among others, that of racialized groups, representatives of the LGBTQ2+ community, and Indigenous people. Founded in 2016 in Winnipeg, Canada.

How Operates

Works through a model of print-on-demand, whereby users sell their books or other printed material. This service provides an opportunity to cover a wider arena with an alternative viewpoint against the headlines.

Evaluating Legitimacy: 8 Key Factors

To determine’s legitimacy, it’s essential to consider several factors:

Website AgeOver 18 years old
Social Media PresenceAbsent
Website AppearanceProfessional and reader-friendly
Reviews and FeedbackLimited information available

Is a Scam?

Though very minimal, reviews to some extent appear credible. The website has an SSL certificate, the date of registration, and provision of 24/7 customer support, which confirms some authenticity in them. It also has different tools that help to increase digital sales.

Pros and Cons of


  • Founded in 2015 by Sean Myers
  • Offers profitable niche sites
  • Provides frameworks for customization
  • Focuses on generating revenue through Adsense


  • Research required before using online publishing services
  • Potential for high upfront fees with minimal returns

Bottom Line: Review and Conclusion is a website focusing on the digital marketing of the products and services, giving opportunities for persons who do not have their voice placed on the margins of society. It may need deeper investigation, but this resource offers very nice and interesting opportunities for users.

— In short, is a terrific source both for content producers and for content consumers. This site is something more, something different than any other existing ones. Though users need to be cautious and considerate, looks very optimistic as a legitimate platform with a big impact.

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