Offthepress .com Review : Is It Legit or Scam ?

If you are wondering if Offthepress is legit, there’s no better way to find out than taking a look at the website yourself.

However, it may take you some time to sort through all of the information before making your decision.

We have done our best to make your life easier by reviewing what we think are the most important aspects that you should consider when deciding if this company offers its services in a legitimate manner or not.

At the very least, make sure you read these three important guidelines.

What is is an online platform that showcases stories and news that are generally neglected or not covered by the mainstream press.

The website aims to provide a space for marginalized voices to be heard, and to offer an alternative perspective on current events. is currently based in Winnipeg, Canada.

The website officially launched on July 1, 2016 with the goal of becoming a platform for marginalized voices to express their stories and experiences.

The site features art, poetry, essays, videos, photography, interviews, news and commentary by people who are ignored or excluded from mainstream media, including members of racialized groups, LGBTQ2+ communities, Indigenous groups, people with disabilities, religious minorities, sex workers, migrants, the homeless, and others. Its name is inspired by a slogan used by the Black Panther Party, which promoted a concept of “Off the Pig.”

How does work? is a print on demand service, or better known as POD by the industry. In simple terms, it allows you to sell one copy of your books per each page of the book that you upload to their website.

You can order anything from them, such as reports, manuals, brochures and even posters. To read more about how works click here.

Here are eight factors we examine before claiming the legitimacy of any online platforms:

  • This website is 18 years old.
  • The social media appearance of the webpage, or the site’s profile pages on networks such as Facebook and Twitter, is missing.
  • The website looks professional, making it appealing for readers.
  • We were not able to locate reviews for this platform. We also were unable to locate any information about the site’s negative attributes.

Is a scam?

Offthepress .com is a growing niche network specializing in digital marketing services. It has many promotion channels that help members reach a wider audience and earn online.

To find out if offthepress .com Is Legit or Scam, the first thing to check for is credibility factors.

The website has a SSL certificate and registration date on the site. Moreover, there is a contact page where it shows that they are available 24/7 to support members of offthepress .com.

This is a good sign because more often than not, scams do not have support or customer service channels.

Offthepress .com offers many tools to promote digital products for members in their community.

Offthepress Pros

Offthepress Pros was founded in 2015 by Sean Myers and offers a selection of niche sites that are hand picked to show real profit in just a few months.

You can either start with one of the sites they offer or customize one yourself, using their framework as an example.

The purpose is to create 2-5 content pages and make sure they generate money through Adsense on each page within 6 weeks.

Offthepress Cons

Unlike with printers, publishing services that are accessible online should always be researched first.

Some of these companies can charge very high upfront fees without giving back any real value in return, which results in monetary loss for authors.

Bottom Line

From the above discussion, we can conclude that Offthepress com is a strong and reliable platform. is a typical news portal to keep readers updated with the latest happenings in the country.

Still, readers need to get in touch with the concerned person or company and enquire about the details before making any further conclusions on the reputation of this platform.

This article will be helpful for readers to know about the platform rather than using the same domain that can harm your computer if visited.

Readers would be happy to hear from you in the comment section.

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