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Six Flags Bring A Friend Free Days [2022] Read Interesting Facts!

Six Flags and their free days, bring a friend free to six flags are all well known brands. Being aware of them doesn’t mean you know everything about them. In fact, they may be the very reason why you’re reading this!
In 2018, Six Flags has announced plans to construct two new parks in the United States: Main Street, USA at Kings Island in Kent, Ohio and Great Adventure at New York Harbor in Staten Island, New York. Both of these projects will have over 10 million visitors each by 2025.
Six Flags is one of the world’s largest amusement park and water park companies with over 50 parks worldwide. Their flagship park is Six Flags Magic Mountain located in Valencia, California.
It was founded by brothers George Epps and Edward L. Butterfield as The Epps Funland Company in 1929 as a business venture for their father who died before he could collect his inheritance from his family’s estate when he was only 34 years old.
The company managed to sell its first amusement park at the age of 16 years old which was billed as “The world’s first Six Flags.”


In the early 1950s they changed their name to SixFlags Entertainment Corporation and purchased its first theme park, Fiesta Texas (now Fiesta Texas State Park) in Corpus Christi Texas. In 1954 they began construction on a second theme park near Las Vegas called “Six Flags Over Nevada” (now known as “The Strip”).
They used international hotel chains such as Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and Marriott Hotels & Resorts to provide hotels for the theme parks.
It also had a large influence on America’s luxury travel industry through its involvement with hotels such as the Westin St Regis Resort & Spa and W Hotel chain which are still present today under new management companies such as Marriott International Inc., Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., La Quinta Hotel & Resorts Worldwide Inc., and Le Meridien Group Ltd.
In 1960 it changed its name back to Sixflags Entertainment Corporation again but kept its family ownership structure with George Epps still owning 51 percent of the company while Edward L would own another 49 percent of it or 999 thousand shares each..
In 2004 it was rebranded into Sixflags Theme Parks by an agreement between Disney/MGM Studios (61%) and Tom Wright (39%) that went into effect in 2005 after Disney bought the rights from MGM Studios for $1 billion. By 2006 most of Disney’s

Six Flags Bring a Friend Free Days

At the end of the day, you’re just a guy with a pen. And you are only here to write a story.
But you can make this moment memorable by bringing a friend.
If you’re planning to visit Six Flags in the near future, here are some things that might help you make your time at Six Flags more enjoyable and memorable:
  1. Bring a Friend Day
  2. Six Flags Free Weather Forecast
  3. Bonus: Six Flags Holiday Offers 2018
  4. BONUS: How To Sign Up For Six Flags Bring A Friend Free Days 2022
  5. Bonus: Six Flags Bring A Friend Weekend Ticket Offer 2018

Six Flags Membership Benefits

Six Flags has been on the minds of so many people for so long, for all of those who have loved to visit their parks or have always dreamed to visit there one day.
It is the world’s largest amusement park chain, and they own two major divisions — The Six Flags Entertainment Company (also known as Six Flags) and its parent company, The Six Flags Holding Corporation.
The six flags are located in California, Florida, Texas and Ohio. All of these parks have more than 200 rides and attractions in each of their theme parks.
Each year the six flags offer their members a free day at one of their theme parks. There are four different kinds of “bring a friend” benefits available to two-year members: Swing Time Passport (transferable), Guest Passport (non-transferable), Gulliver Passport (non-transferable), and Free Birthday Party Passport (non-transferable).
All guests must register with the member service center. Treats, water and admission fees remain the same as normal park admission fees during that day.
Members may choose between National Parks or Six Flags Theme Parks as their destination for this free day at no additional cost to them.
The following is a list of the activities available at the six flags theme parks during this free Day:
  • Spring Break Party  (5/30 – 6/2/19)
  • Summer Fun Party –  (6/4 – 6/9/20)
  • Halloween Party – (6/18 – 6/21/20)
  • Summer Fun – Fireworks – 6pm -9pm
  • Halloween Party – Firework Overhead Spectacular
  • Halloween Fun Fireworks Night
  • Fall Festival Nights
  • Holiday Petting Zoo Nights
  • Family Friendly Nights
  • Winter Seasonal Activities
  • Family Friendly Nights
  • Movie Night
The following are some things you should know before you apply for membership:
  • The membership is non-transferrable; it cannot be reassigned or shared by another person other than your spouse or your children under 18 years old if you file for divorce from any spouse
  • You must be a full time member as well as above mentioned ages for this membership plan to be eligible
  • You will not be eligible for any other paid member benefits such as discounts on food & beverage packages & merchandise
  • You can apply online here through your account

Six Flags Membership Prices

We have a friend who is addicted to the Six Flags brand. She likes roller coasters and she loves to ride them. She’s been going to Six Flags for years now and she was looking for an opportunity to get her friends out there so that they can experience this as well.
The Six Flags Free Days offer allows members of the company’s Ride Pass Programs access to six (6) of their theme parks through August 31st, 2022. Additionally, World of Fun! and Fantasyland will be open for unlimited fun and games for members of this program through August 31st, 2022.

Six Flags Membership Security Check

Six Flags are known for their roller coasters. Many of which are among the world’s fastest and most advanced. They have a wide variety of rides, including some of the top ones in the world. They also provide their guests with opportunities to explore, get active and experience life in a whole new way.
One thing is for sure: if you want to experience all that Six Flags has to offer on a personal level, then you need to register for their membership plan. The plans vary from one park to another. Some require an online registration, others accept an existing account while most accept pre-existing accounts. This makes it easy for visitors who don’t want to spend money on admission tickets or wait in line at the entrance (although this should be expected).
There are other benefits of buying passes and signing up as members that people might not know about:
  1. You get access to special events at any time during your membership period.
  2. You can participate in unlimited photo contests and videos posted on Instagram during membership time (released as soon as they are approved).
  3. You can use promo codes that will extend your membership up until March 31st 2022 when they will expire. These codes can be redeemed using the app (the app can be found at ) or by requesting them directly from customer service at [email protected] .


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