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Roblox R36 [Update 2024]: What’s New For Players

The Roblox R36 update launching in September 2022 introduces exciting new features that will enhance the overall gameplay experience for Roblox fans. This major update brings improved graphics, customization options, animations, and social features to make Roblox even more enjoyable.

Key Takeaways:

  • R36 allows generating animated characters with new body types like R6 and R15
  • Brings graphical improvements for better performance
  • Gives more avatar customization options
  • Adds new social interaction capabilities
  • Introduces fresh gameplay elements like levels, items, etc.

Understanding Roblox R36

The Roblox R36 update adds the ability to generate animated characters with distinct body types and proportions. Previously, R6 and R15 were the only avatar modes available.

With R36, players can make avatars in new shapes and sizes that weren’t possible before. This opens up tremendous opportunities for creativity and self-expression when designing your unique Roblox characters.

While not much information is currently available about R36, it is undoubtedly an exciting new feature coming in the September 2022 update!

Key Features Of The Upcoming Update

Here are some of the main features players can look forward to in the Roblox R36 update:

Enhanced Graphics And Performance

One of the biggest upgrades is improved graphics and performance optimization. The visuals will be crisper, cleaner, and more realistic to make the Roblox world even more immersive.

Better rendering capacity also ensures smooth gameplay even on low-end devices. This refinement allows Roblox to remain competitive graphically with newer gaming titles.

More Personalization Options

The R36 update brings a suite of new personalization features for enhanced avatar customization. With more options to tweak body shape, height, clothing, and accessories, you can create a truly unique avatar.

More customization freedom combined with R36’s diverse avatar types give you limitless possibilities to craft your ideal virtual identity.

New Animations And Interactions

Special animations and cutscenes designed for R36 avatar types allow your character to move, emote, and interact in refreshing ways that weren’t feasible before.

The new animations breathe life into your personalized avatar while also enabling new types of game mechanics and social dynamics between players.

Improved Social Experience

Roblox is doubling down on social features in this release to strengthen communities within the platform. The update brings new communication and collaboration tools for players to connect.

Developers are also getting powerful moderation and safety capabilities to foster positive player interactions. Overall, the social experience will be more immersive.

Exciting Gameplay Content

No major update is complete without new gameplay content! R36 brings brand new game modes, challenges, virtual items, and collectibles to win.

Developers can leverage the expanded avatar and animation tools to create more lifelike gameplay experiences never seen before in Roblox worlds.

How To Get R36 Avatars

The R36 avatar feature will be automatically available to all users once the update rolls out. To create your R36 avatar:

  • Go to your Avatar Editor
  • Select a blank R36 body type instead of R6 or R15
  • Customize the shape, height, and proportions
  • Dress it up with clothes, accessories, etc.
  • Animations will automatically work on the R36 avatar

With all the new customization options, you’ll be able to bring your wildest character creations to life!

Exciting Times Ahead

The upcoming R36 update is poised to take the Roblox experience to new heights. Whether you love building games or playing with friends, there are fantastic new tools and worlds to explore.

R36 ushers in a new era of self-expression, imagination, and entertainment for the quintessential metaverse that is Roblox. The future looks brighter than ever for Robloxians.

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