Review Review [update 2021]: Is It Scam or Legit? is a very well-known website in the United States that offers patients an opportunity to easily get an appointment with doctors.

It is my duty to share my experience on and Reviews which I had a few months ago with the hope of helping you decide if this site is for you or not.

My first impression of my free doctor was that it looked like a cool, new idea that could potentially change health care as we know it today by making doctors accessible for all patients at any time without paying anything upfront!

There are a lot of people who need a doctor these days, but none of them can afford or have time to go to a clinic or base for an appointment. This has made it very hard for those who cannot afford health care and those who don’t want to go to a clinic as they prefer to choose their own doctor rather than be directed as such. That is why many such patients look for alternative ways such as

What Is My Free Doctor?

My free doctor is a website in the area of ​​health care services. This is a portal where you can get all information regarding the chronic disease they have been passing on since their childhood time.

My Free Doctor is a website that has been operating since July 22, 2027. Its purpose is to help sick people in its region of operation. Many people have been curious to learn about MyFreeDoctor Reviews online.

They also provide information about ancient illnesses people suffered from. In the present case, the doctors of this portal are always available to give treatment options that can easily treat people from their acute condition.

What Is My Free Doctor?

There are a lot of reviews about this portal.

The reviews are direct from the users which gives a clear idea to all users how they can take services from this portal. On the contrary, there are a few negative reviews.

The reviews give a picture about after knowing you can visit reviews now.

At, the portal welcomes everyone and is happy to have them back. The service is first offered to people who are acutely ill. Users of this website can invite others using an invitation code, FREE DOCTOR.

When a person has downloaded the Medici app to their cell phone, they may connect with numerous doctors.

How To Use My Free Doctor?

The official site has detailed the minimal requirements for accessing it.

  • Users who want to join the network must first download and open an application. Then you must complete the form with the requested information.
  • Note that the service is only available in the United States, so you must pick the United States’ country name.
  • If you’re not sure whether or not to use this portal app, check out’s discussion of reviews.
  • Fill out the form below to receive your verification code by text message. After that, enter in your verification codes.
  • You’ll then be asked to provide some more information, such as name, birth date, gender, and so on.
  • Finally, double-check by pressing the next choice, and you’re good to go.

If you’ve been invited to access any special offers, you may enter the invite code MYFREEDOCTOR.

What People Says about My Free Doctor app

My free doctor portal has potentially received good comments and has been rated with good scores over different platforms. We, as patients, are used to the idea of ​​paying for medical care by physicians, dentists, pharmacies, among others. Conversely, it seems unthinkable to be able to offer medical services without considering the paid aspect.

The portal got positive comments, and people seemed to be happy with the service provided by them. The trust score of my free doctor is eighty-one percent and is a year old site. The portal information is updated regularly showing that it is updated by the site owner which leaves a positive effect about the site on search engine rankings.

Conclusion is not a scam site according to us, because we discovered a great number of positive evaluations about the website. On the other hand, there are also some unsure users who can not trust it.

My free doctor doesn’t really work the way you expect it to. You just enter your information, and then doctors who are on the list contact you. It’s pretty much like Facebook for doctors. I guess some would say that just makes it a directory, but I wouldn’t go that far. More on why below. I had my reservations at first and didn’t know if this website was legit or scammy – so, of course, I had to do a full test and review of myfreedoctor before writing this article for you.

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