Flint Mints Review

Flint Mints Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Today I’m going to be reviewing a new product called Flint Mints. While there is very little records online about this product.

I have finished my research and feature come to the belief that the Flint Mints rip-off is a real scam.

I am going to explain why it’s a scam as well as explain how users can avoid being scammed via these crooks.

I feel that the Flint Mints assessment will help you decide if this possibility is proper for you or no longer.

I did no longer just like the taste of these mints at all, in particular because they’re not precise fine mints in any respect, but you may get them without cost (from what it feels like).

Please do not get this product looking forward to awesome-tasting mints. You get what you pay for with this product.

The freshness of those mints is quite poor and they taste terrible after some time, similar to any other reasonably-priced sweet might.

We’re giving it two stars without a doubt because they are sorta unfastened if you don’t thoughts ingesting awful-tasting candy.

Does this employer have FDA approval?

What do the doctors say approximately its products?

Are there any facet effects?

Do you ever feel like your mouth is dry and watery?

Have you ever felt like having a candy sweet to feel clean and sparkling once more?

Have you ever heard approximately Flint Plus Sugar-Free Mints?

And do you know approximately its advantages and facet consequences?

Find out all you need to recognise about Flint Mints, its products, and the company in the back of the name!

What is the Flint Mints Website?

What is Flint Mints Website?  Flint Mints are an innovative new manner to help humans regain their oral fitness while disposing of the embarrassing signs and symptoms of Dry Mouth.

As you become older, your frame produces less saliva- causing multiplied dryness on your mouth, that could result in primary health issues.

Saliva is liable for over 60 percentage of the immune gadget inside the mouth, so in case you are experiencing Dry Mouth, it is greater than simply some thing demanding- it could be very serious.

Many matters motive Dry Mouth- drugs, and anxiety, and it’s miles disturbing and unhealthy to your mouth.

Saliva contains essential minerals and digestive enzymes that help hold your enamel tough and well break down meals debris.

Thus, over the years, it can cause extreme oral health troubles. It is probably time to check if you are suffering from Dry Mouth Syndrome.

Flint Mints Review

Specifications of The Flintts.Com

The following are the critical characteristics of this internet site:

  • Website: https://www.Flintts.Com/
  • Category: mouth-watering mints keep
  • The domain’s age is proven in days, which is the number of days since it became registered.
  • Email: good day@flintts.Com
  • Phone # : not given
  • Address: 67 West Street, Suite 712, Brooklyn NY 11222, United States
  • Return, exchange, and refund procedure: Not one of the companies reviewed on this have a look at gives returns, exchanges, or refunds. If your order is broken or now not accurate, they will ship you a revised order free of charge; long lasting goods may be back for a complete refund if asked.
  • The subsequent day, I requested the vendor if she had another problems with the transaction. She revealed that she changed into told now not to refund my money as it went through a ‘chargeback’, that is when a person reports fraudulent purchases made on PayPal to eBay or PayPal after receiving budget. The following day, I contacted the seller again to inquire approximately
  • Flint Mints Review emphasizes that the fee alternatives are ShopPay, PayPal, and GPay.
  • The business enterprise’s Instagram manage is displayed subsequent to the social media buttons at the internet site.
Specifications of The Flintts.com

Pros Website

There are plenty of high-quality execs of Flint Mints.  Although it isn’t FDA accepted, Flint Mints has been doping up in the news and has obtained heaps of superb evaluations on Amazon.

If you do no longer mind eating bad-tasting candy, this organisation can be for you. They offer a sustainable and intervention for young mother and father and mothers.

This organization offers returns, exchanges, or refunds on their merchandise if they’re damaged or no longer correct.

  • A delicious mint drink with pureed mint leaves
  • Sugar-loose, vegan, and non-GMO merchandise are to be had.
  • Wood-based is also more environmentally friendly, whereas steel is less so.
  • Pharmaceutical-grade components of the very best fine
  • Orders over $35 within the US revel in free shipping.
  • A legit company with a protracted list of tremendous feedback.
  • When the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is detected, HTTPS can be used.
  • Your internet site is four years vintage or greater.
Is Flint Mints Legit?

Cons Website

The cons of this business enterprise encompass that they do no longer have FDA approval yet and the price alternatives are ShopPay, PayPal, and GPay that is a huge trouble due to the fact people need to pay with a credit card.

  • Due to its low expiration date, it’s far a fantastically quick-term investment.
  • The proprietor’s statistics is hidden.

Is Flint Mints Legit?

Flint Mints is professional.  The following are the pros and cons of this organization.

Pros: There is lots of execs to Flint Mints, which includes sugar-unfastened, vegan, and non-GMO products.

Cons: The fee alternatives are ShopPay, PayPal, and GPay that is a big problem because people need to pay with a credit score card.

Flint Mints Review from the Users

Examining Flintts’ Facebook web page, we found some consumer critiques and ratings. Overall, customers rated Flintts 4.Five out of 5, that is incredible for a young commercial enterprise like Flints.

There is a mixture of critiques on this trouble. One consumer says that they don’t just like the mints and they just endorse others to park them of their mouth. In addition, users also reward this product and advocate it to others.

Overall, clients like the product and a few say that they sense true about the taste and the rate of the wafers. However, some clients do now not just like the taste or feel of the mints and say they waste their cash.

The evaluations are sparkling, of course. For the maximum element, humans are pronouncing that Flintts is a exceedingly expert employer that gives amazing customer support, which is exactly what you’d anticipate to hear about every organization on the face of the planet.

However, some reviews provide info of interactions with the agency’s customer support dealers, which can be especially advantageous.

The Final Verdict on Flint Mints

Flint Mints is a employer that sells sweets at the outskirts of FDA approval. The agency is sustainable and an initiative for younger mom and dad, which makes it more credible.

The website gives unfastened delivery for orders of $35 or extra inside the US, which is a plus for this organisation. Moreover, the business enterprise has received client reviews in which they have rated at 4.Five out of 5.

There are cons approximately this corporation too which include that they do not have FDA approval but and charge options are ShopPay, PayPal, and GPay which is a massive trouble because human beings want to pay with a credit card.

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