What is CPT Code 92508

CPT Code 92508 for Group Speech Therapy

CPT code 92508 is an important billing code that allows speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to receive reimbursement for providing group speech therapy services. However, to appropriately utilize this code, it is essential to understand key billing and documentation guidelines.

Key Takeaways:

  • CPT code 92508 is for group treatment of speech, language, voice, or auditory processing disorders.
  • It covers treatment for 2 or more patients together in a group setting.
  • Each patient must receive direct 1-on-1 contact with the clinician during the session.
  • 92508 can only be billed once per patient per day, regardless of session length.
  • Medicare reimbursement averages around $27 per patient but fees vary by payer.
  • Documentation must show how each patient benefitted from skilled group therapy.

What is CPT Code 92508?

CPT codes are a standardized set of codes maintained by the American Medical Association to report medical services for reimbursement purposes.

CPT code 92508 falls under the category of “Therapeutic Services” and has the following description:

Treatment of speech, language, voice, communication, and/or auditory processing disorder; group, 2 or more individuals.

This code specifically covers the therapeutic services provided in a group setting to treat communication disorders. This includes speech, language, fluency, voice, articulation, and auditory processing issues.

How to Bill for 92508

When billing CPT code 92508, there are key rules that must be followed:

  • Used for treatment of 2 or more patients together as a group
  • Each patient must receive direct 1-on-1 contact from the clinician
  • Can only be billed once per patient per day
  • Doesn’t specify session length so 1 unit covers any length of time
  • Documentation must show how each patient benefitted

Proper documentation is key to getting claims paid correctly when using this group therapy code.

Medicare vs. Private Payer Reimbursement

On average, Medicare reimburses around $27 per patient for 92508. However, actual rates vary by Medicare contractor and location.

Private insurers set their own fee schedules for CPT codes. The allowed amount for 92508 may differ significantly between payers. Checking with each carrier is recommended.

Which ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes Are Used?

An ICD-10 diagnosis code must be included on claims to indicate the reason for treatment. Some examples include:

  • F80.1 – Childhood onset fluency disorder
  • F80.0 – Stuttering
  • R47.01 – Aphasia
  • R47.02 – Dysphasia

The chosen ICD-10 code should accurately identify the communication disorder being treated.

Avoiding Denials for 92508 Claims

To avoid costly claim denials and reimbursement issues with 92508:

  • Provide direct 1-on-1 contact with each patient
  • Document how every patient benefitted from skilled group therapy
  • Bill 92508 just once per patient per day of treatment
  • Do not bill 92508 for screenings or evals

Careful compliance with all CPT guidelines and payer policies is key to smooth claims processing and reimbursement.

Yearly Updates to CPT Codes

The AMA makes annual updates to CPT codes that go into effect each January 1st. Any changes made to 92508 would be included in these updates.

Regularly checking the CPT codebook and online resources for revisions ensures billing remains compliant. Updated fee schedules with new rates also take effect each January.

Helpful Resources for CPT Code 92508

To optimize billing accuracy and reimbursement for group therapy services, reference the following CPT coding resources:

  • AMA CPT Codebook – Provides guidelines and descriptions
  • Online CPT code lookup tool – Quick access to code details
  • Medicare fee schedule – Lists Medicare fees by location
  • Payer policies and fee schedules – Outline fees/policies for private payers
  • ASHA guidance on group therapy billing – Helpful for SLPs

Following coding protocols and utilizing available resources allows SLPs to effectively use CPT code 92508 and receive proper reimbursement for vital group therapy services.

In Conclusion

CPT code 92508 gives speech-language pathologists an avenue to be compensated for furnishing group treatment to multiple patients with communication disorders. Key steps for accurate billing include:

  • Providing direct skilled therapy to each patient
  • Documenting how every patient benefitted from the session
  • Billing only one unit of 92508 per patient per day
  • Pairing claims with the proper ICD-10 diagnosis code
  • Consulting CPT guidelines and SLP billing resources

With a solid understanding of 92508 coding rules, SLPs can optimize their use of this code for group therapy reimbursement and continue providing high quality care.

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