Ohio high school football Website is the leading website for Ohio high school football scores, rankings, and statistics. The site was founded by Joe Eitel in 1999 and has been providing detailed coverage of Ohio high school football ever since.

Key Takeaways

  • provides Ohio high school football scores, rankings, and statistics
  • The site covers all Ohio high school football teams across 7 divisions
  • Joe Eitel has been running since 1999, providing insights into Ohio high school football
  • includes computer rankings, playoff predictions, and polls voted on by coaches
  • The site is a go-to resource for fans, players, coaches, recruiters, and the media

Overview of covers all Ohio high school football teams across the 7 OHSAA divisions. The site includes the following key features:

  • Computer rankings – has its own computer ranking system that ranks all Ohio teams across divisions based on strength of schedule and margin of victory. These objective rankings are a trusted resource used for playoff predicting.
  • Polls – The site publishes weekly polls voted on by Ohio high school football coaches. There are polls for each division.
  • Team pages – Each Ohio high school football team has its own page on showing schedules, rosters, game results, and key stats.
  • Player pages – The site includes pages for top players with recruiting profiles, stats leaders, and award winners.
  • Playoff projections – Using the computer rankings, projects the playoff brackets in each division.
  • Scores and stats – Real-time statewide scoreboard and top statistical leaders across many categories.

History and Founder was founded in 1999 by Joe Eitel. Joe had a vision to use data, stats, and technology to provide new insights into Ohio high school football.

Joe has a background in computer science and statistics. He spent over 3 years developing the proprietary algorithms that power the computer rankings before launching the site.

For over 20 years, Joe has continued to dedicate himself to improving and expanding’s Ohio high school football coverage. He works closely with coaches, local media, and fans to produce data-driven analysis of the best teams and players.

Usage and Popularity has become the most visited website for Ohio high school football. It receives over 6 million pageviews during the season from a loyal audience of users:

  • Players & coaches – Players and coaches use to track standings, stats, and rankings to benchmark themselves against the competition. Many players promote themselves by getting on leaderboards.
  • Recruiters & scouts – College and professional scouts use the site to research and discover top prospects in Ohio. is the top source for scouting data.
  • Fans – Diehard fans visit regularly to see scores, stats, and predictions for their favorite teams and players. Traffic surges on game nights.
  • Media – Local and national media outlets reference data in stories about teams, players, and the Ohio high school football landscape.
DivisionTeamsPlayoff TeamsState Champion (2023)
Division I22816St. Xavier
Division II15916Kings Mills Kings
Division III16316Canfield
Division IV16216Steubenville
Division V16116Ironton
Division VI16016Maria Stein Marion Local
Division VII16016New Bremen


For over 20 years, has been the trusted source for Ohio high school football coverage. The site provides unmatched rankings, stats, and predictions powered by expert analysis and computer algorithms. With a focus on leveraging data and technology, has become an indispensable resource for players, coaches, recruiters, media, and fans seeking the latest on Ohio high school football.

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