Understanding is an online acupuncture supply store catering to acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners.

Key Takeaways

  • sells acupuncture needles and supplies for professional use
  • They offer competitive pricing and worldwide shipping
  • The store has a wide selection of needle sizes, guide tubes, and other acupuncture tools
  • Customers can shop by category or use the search bar to find products understands that having the right acupuncture supplies is crucial for TCM practitioners to effectively treat patients. Therefore, they aim to provide good quality needles and tools at affordable prices.’s Product Catalog

The store stocks over 7000 products across various acupuncture-related categories.

Acupuncture Needles

This comprises their largest category with diverse needle sizes, types, and lengths to suit different treatment approaches. Notably, they sell:

  • Stainless steel needles – Most common needle material given its strength and smoothness
  • Sizes – Ranging from 0.12mm for shallow needling to 0.35mm for deeper needling
  • Lengths – From 15mm for facial acupuncture to 75mm for body acupuncture

Guide tubes are also available to assist needle insertion.

Additional Tools offers everything an acupuncturist needs beyond needles:

  • Moxa & Heat Therapy – Moxibustion tools and warming devices
  • Cupping Sets – Cupping jars and pumps for suction therapy
  • Acupressure Tools – Massage devices for trigger point treatment
  • Safety Products – Needle disposal boxes and personal protective equipment

Shopping Experience

Customers can easily find desired items by:

  • Browsing categories – Intuitive browsing of needle types, tools, accessories
  • Searching – Fast keyword search for specific items

Why Customers Trust is a reliable acupuncture supply store due to:

Competitive Pricing

Their wholesale rates on high demand acupuncture needles and sets allow practitioners to save substantially.

Worldwide Shipping

They ship needle orders economically to customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, UK, and growing list of countries.

Top Brands

Customers can find reputable needles and supplies from leading industry manufacturers.

How Ensures Quality undertakes proper supply chain checks to verify product quality for customers:

Rigorous Supplier Checks

Vendors are screened to ensure stellar track record for safety and quality compliance.

Sample Testing

Random batch testing is performed for defects before accepting wholesale inventory.

Packaging Reviews

Finished products are checked to have intact seals and expiry dates prior shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods does accept?

Payments can be made securely through credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Propay.

Does sell acupuncture needles for students?

They sell high quality student needles including practice kits for acupuncture schools.

What countries does ship acupuncture supplies to?

They ship worldwide at reasonable rates including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Canada and more.

How quickly are orders fulfilled?

Orders made before 2pm are generally shipped same or next business day.

So in summary, is a trusted destination for acupuncturists and TCM practitioners seeking quality supplies at affordable prices delivered worldwide.

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