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Top 6 Private Jet International Destinations For 2023

With private jet rentals becoming more popular yearly, it only makes sense to have an idea of the best international destinations. In fact, many people like using private jets to fly to recreational destinations a few hours from business locations, especially nearby islands. 

This is because private jets are fast, comfortable, and convenient, allowing you to fly in style to your destination without the hassle of traditional air travel. This being the case, let’s go over the top six international private jet destinations for 2023.

1. Barbados

While Barbados is a popular destination for cruise ships, recent developments have left it difficult to explore for tourists who don’t have a safe way to travel to the best parts. This is because there have been reports of a rise in crime in areas such as Crab Hill, St. Lucy, and Nelson Street. 

Don’t let this fool you. Barbados is still an excellent place to take a little R&R when you’re using a private jet to go directly to the areas that are safe, secure, and fun for travelers. You can visit the pristine beaches, enjoy the botanical gardens, or explore the Harrison’s Cave formation, just to name a few of the activities Barbados has to offer.

2. Corsica

Corsica is an exciting destination for a variety of reasons. Even though it is located off the coast of France, its culture is distinctly Italian. On top of this, it also features a huge national park that takes up half the island. 

There you can go hiking and explore the natural beauty of the mountainous region. If that isn’t your thing, you can relax on its beaches or visit Maison Bonaparte, the ancestral home of Napoleon Bonaparte.

3. Sicily

Speaking of Italian, Sicily is also a popular international destination for private jets. Located off the coast of Italy, this island is well known for its archaeological sites and golf courses. 

Popular historical areas include the Byzantine mosaics at the Cappella Palatina and the Valley of the Temples. On top of this, Sicily is also home to one of Europe’s tallest active volcanos, Mount Etna, where you can go hiking.

4. The Bahamas

A hugely popular private jet destination, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is located off the coast of Florida in the Atlantic. It features locations such as its capital, Nassau, known for its cruise port, the scuba diving and fishing at Bimini beach, and the reefs and Lucayan National Park at Freeport. If you like animals, you can also visit the world-famous swimming pigs that live on Big Major Cay island or the docile and friendly nurse sharks of Compass Cay.

5. Mykonos

Heading back to Europe, Mykonos is an island destination located in the Aegean Sea that’s well known for its intense nightlife. In fact, it has a summer party atmosphere all year round thanks to its moderate weather and features popular beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise. 

If you’re looking for huge dance clubs featuring famous DJs and/or some of the most popular waterfront bars in the world, then Mykonos is the destination that will satisfy your need to party.

6. Malta

Malta is another Mediterranean island that can be reached via a private jet charter in Boston. However, while Mykonos is known for its party atmosphere, Malta is a major historical site. Many ancient rulers originated from Malta, featuring many fortresses and temples from long ago. 

In fact, it has one of the oldest known burial chambers, the ÄŠal Saflieni Hypogeum, which is around 6,000 years old. Of course, Malta has other things to do besides visiting historical locations, such as surfing, diving, and cruises, if you need to liven things up a little.

The Convenience of Private Jet Charters

Private jets are one of the best forms of travel when you get the urge to get away from it all. In fact, most private jet charters are booked within two weeks or less before their departure date. This makes traveling by private jet an excellent way to reach your destination fast and without the hassle and makes it easy to travel quickly from a business destination to a vacation area when needed.

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