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Morning Call Obits: A Guide to Obituaries in the Morning Newspaper Edition

Key Takeaways

  • Morning call obits are shorter, more factual obituaries published in the morning newspaper edition.
  • They provide basic biographical details and funeral service information for recently deceased community members.
  • Allentown Morning Call publishes morning obits in their daily Lehigh Valley print and online editions.
  • Morning obits offer a way to briefly memorialize loved ones and inform the community of local deaths.

Introduction to Morning Newspaper Obituaries

Obituaries are an important part of community news coverage in local newspapers like The Morning Call in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Most papers publish obituaries in both their morning and evening editions each day. The obits published in the morning newspaper tend to be shorter and more strictly informational in nature.

What are Morning Call Obituaries?

Morning call obits specifically refer to the death notices and brief obituary articles printed in The Morning Call’s daily morning edition circulating in the Lehigh Valley area. They focus on basic biographical facts about the deceased – including date of birth and death, locations, immediate family members or survivors, and upcoming funeral service details.

Morning call obits tend to be succinct, serving the utilitarian purpose of promptly notifying the community about a local resident’s passing and memorial arrangements.

Key Features of Morning Call Obituaries

Morning call obits may vary somewhat in form and length, but generally have these core elements:

Factual and Concise

  • Brief, to-the-point descriptions of the deceased’s life
  • Emphasis on factual biographical details
  • Straightforward, simple language

Listing of Surviving Relatives

  • Usually mentions immediate family members like spouses, children, parents
  • Provides a sense of the deceased’s closest surviving circle

Funeral/Memorial Information

  • Details on planned services – date, time, location
  • Guidance on where to pay respects

Publication in Morning Edition

  • Appear in the print and online morning newspaper
  • Allow for timely notification about recent deaths

While evening newspaper obituaries may be longer and include more descriptive life summaries, remembrances or eulogies, morning call obits offer a no-frills, informative capsulation.

Morning Call Obituaries – A Snapshot

To illustrate the general format of a morning call obit, here is an example:

Mary Smith

Born: March 5, 1935 Passed: December 16, 2023 Residence: Allentown, PA

Mary was a beloved mother, grandmother and friend. She is survived by her sons Michael and Steven; daughters Lisa and Carol; 7 grandchildren; and many close friends.

Relatives and friends are invited to call on Friday, December 22 from 2-4 and 6-8 PM at Jones Funeral Home in Allentown. A memorial service will be held Saturday at 11:00 AM. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to her favorite charity, PA Animal Rescue ( in Mary’s memory.

While basic, this provides the key details readers need – biographical facts, surviving family, calling hours, funeral/memorial specifics, and charity info. The evening edition may run a longer form obituary with more about Mary’s life story and memories shared by loved ones.

Allentown Morning Call Obituaries

The Morning Call publishes hundreds of obituaries annually in its daily print editions and on

Allentown Morning Call obits serve several important functions for the Lehigh Valley community:

  • Notify the public about recent local deaths
  • Share details for funeral/memorial events to pay respects
  • Provide genealogical information over time
  • Memorialize community members for family and friends
  • Document history about long-time area residents

For families seeking to inform the community about a loved one’s passing quickly with the basic pertinent facts, a concise yet informative morning call obit can serve that need well.


In summation, morning call obits refer to the brief factual obituary notices published in The Morning Call’s AM print and digital editions. They communicate necessary biographical information on the deceased, surviving relatives, and upcoming funeral/memorial services. Though shorter than evening obits, Allentown Morning Call morning obituaries deliver vital notifications to the community about residents who have recently passed.

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