Why Should I Buy an iPhone?

Why Should I Buy an iPhone?

When purchasing a new smartphone, people often tend to get confused about the mobile operating systems. Nonetheless, in most cases, iOS comes out to be victorious. There are numerous reasons why people prefer Apple instead of any other phone brand out there.

However, it is intriguing as to why people always make a tilt towards purchasing an iPhone. So if you are someone who is confused while purchasing a new phone, or is curious to know the true motives behind people purchasing iPhones, then read below some of the well-known reasons why you should buy an iPhone.

1.      Quality

The main reason people buy an iPhone is due to the quality of the phone and the experience of using it. The phones run on an advanced operating system, with many features and benefits. You can customize your phone to fit your needs. While the iPhone can be a more expensive option, it certainly ends up being a good one.

2.      Simple to use

An iPhone is known for its user-friendliness feature. Their ease of use is due to simple operating principles. All applications are launched via their home screens. For instance, the options are all accessible from the same menu. Even if you upgrade your iPhone to the latest version, the operating system functions the same way and is simple.

If you want an easy-to-use and a good phone for basic usage, then an iPhone is your best call, especially when drawn in a comparison with other operating systems that have rather complicated core functions.

3.      Apple Pay

Apple’s payments service is known as Apple Pay. Through this, you can make debit and credit card transactions via your mobile. It works the same as a contactless payment method using a credit card, i.e., you place your phone near the card reader to make the transaction. In addition, the card(s) is secured with  Touch ID, Face ID, or the iPhone’s passcode that allows you to ensure your payment details’ security is secure.

Apple Pay can also be used in purchasing apps, ordering food, shopping for clothes, or booking rooms in a hotel. Until now Google Pay is not widely available everywhere. Therefore, those searching for an easy mobile payment option should use Apple iPhone.

4.      Software updates

Another important reason to buy an iPhone is due to the software updates. You can update to the most current version of iOS when it’s launched even with your older iPhone. It is better to update your OS using a good internet connection such as CenturyLink internet because, like apps, outdated operating systems can also pose security issues.

Since various phone makers use the operating system offered by Google, they don’t all receive updates in the same way and thus are exposed to huge security risks. iOS devices are manufactured exclusively by Apple, and therefore the issue isn’t present.

5.      The App Store

Android phones are prone to malware and viruses, especially from apps. Apple’s App Store is a bit less diverse in terms of applications than the Android phones play store.

However, the number of apps available isn’t the main aspect of app stores. Apple is extremely cautious when choosing which app developers get access to its Apple ecosystem, a grouping of apps, devices, and developers. The inclusion of malware-laden apps in Apple’s App Store is virtually impossible.

6.      Family Sharing

An Apple family who plays together can save together. By using Family Sharing for the iPhone, Mom, Dad, and the kids can also share purchases made from Apple’s App Store, iTunes, and iBooks up to six others. 

You will still be able to keep your personal iTunes accounts; however, if junior decides to purchase something, you will receive an alert through Ask to Buy. The ask to Buy feature allows you to monitor the content he’s downloading and stop bill shock.

7.      iPhones are valuable

New smartphones with appealing features are often released, so people always want to upgrade their smartphones to the latest models. When users quit using their phones to purchase an entirely new model, they would like to sell their old working phone at the most affordable cost.

Apple phones have a sale value higher in comparison to Android phones. iPhones are developed of top-quality materials, which go to a great extent to help them keep their worth when sold. Apple phones are also top models and are more up-to-date because there’s only one company, and the latest and improved models aren’t introduced as frequently as Android phones.


The above argument certainly sides with the fact that why should you buy an iPhone over any other smartphones out there. When it comes to the matter of any damage or repair on the iPhone, you can access a huge database of helpful articles on the Apple website. You can also get assistance through live chat or make an appointment with the Apple Store Genius Bar.

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