Valorant Year Review

Valorant Year Review [2022] – Check Details Here!

Valorant, the latest sensation in the gaming industry, has just released their Year Review for 2022. This e-mail was sent to all Valorant users and provides an overview of the game’s progress over the past year. Among other things, it contains statistics on player counts, updates on new content, and more!

It’s hard to believe that a year has already gone by since Valorant was released to the world. In this e-mail, we’ll take a look back at some of the biggest moments and milestones for the game over the past year.

If you’re a fan of Valorant, or even just curious about it, this is a must-read article.

How To Check The E-mail From Valorant Team?

To check the e-mail from Valorant team, you will need to open the game client and click on the Mail icon in the top right corner. From there, you can view any messages that you have received from the Valorant team.

What Is Valorant Year Review?

The Valorant Year Review is an e-mail that was sent to all Valorant users. It provides an overview of the game’s progress over the past year, including statistics on player counts, updates on new content, and more!

Here’s some of what you’ll find in this email:

Player Counts – How many players are playing Valorant? The answer might surprise you! Find out in our Year Review! We also share some statistics about how many people have been playing since launch day versus those who joined later on.

Game Updates – We’ve added a ton of new content to Valorant this year, from skins for characters like Jett and Omen to maps like Icebox or Split. There were also major changes made to Agents Sage, Viper, Raze and Brimstone (to name just a few). Get all the details here!

Annual Report – A recap of everything we’ve done since launch day until now will be available in our Year Review as well. It includes information about how many hours people spend each day playing Valorant (and what they’re doing while they’re playing). This report also includes some interesting facts!

What Does the E-mail From Valorant Team Contain?

The team has sent out an e-mail to all Valorant customers in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. Users may read the email and find their own unique graphic, which includes a few introductory facts.

After that, it dives into the many different aspects of Valorant’s year. The data for all these graphics is collected from surveys and user feedback.

What Are The Statistics Provided In The E-mail From Valorant Team?

The Valorant team sends out information and statistics on Valorant users in the mail. The number of leg shots, body shots, and headshots is tracked by the e-mai. Furthermore, in the Valorant Year Review statistics, the percentage of full headshots is given.

In addition to these statistics, a fun fact about the player is also included in the e-mail. Players are also informed about their rank points and leaderboards.

The e-mail contains a percentage of player deaths and kills with each weapon. It also includes information about how much time players have spent with each weapon. Also, there is an “F” word for each agent that reflects their fun factor.

Players are also informed about how many times they’ve been killed by a particular opponent and how many times they’ve killed them in return. In addition to this, players are informed about their favorite map in the game.

Final Verdict

Valorant is a game that has been growing steadily in popularity, with more and more people playing it each day. It’s hard to believe that the first year of Valorant has come and gone so quickly!

If you’re one of those players who have just started playing Valorant this past year or if you’ve played for a long time, we hope you enjoy this retrospective of the game.

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