What is DinarDetectives

What is DinarDetectives?

Dinardetectives.com is a website dedicated to providing the latest news, rumors, and opinions about the potential revaluation (RV) of the Iraqi dinar currency. Some key things to know about Dinar Detectives:


  • DinarDetectives covers updates, recaps, and intel on the Iraqi dinar from various sources known as “dinar gurus.”
  • The website focuses specifically on the investment opportunity surrounding the Iraqi dinar and the possibility that the currency may “revalue” or significantly increase in value against other global currencies like the U.S. dollar.
  • Visitors go to Dinar Detectives to stay up-to-date on the latest dinar news, predictions, and speculation about if/when the RV might occur.

Background on the Iraqi Dinar

  • The Iraqi dinar (IQD) is the official currency of Iraq. It was introduced in 1931 and has steadily declined in value, especially after the 1990 Gulf War.
  • Currently, one IQD is worth a fraction of one U.S. penny. However, some investors speculate the dinar could rapidly gain value if the economic and political situation in Iraq stabilizes.
  • The “revaluation” theory suggests the Iraqi government could redenominate the currency, causing a sudden increase in its exchange rate vs. the USD.
  • If this RV were to happen, investors holding IQD could realize massive returns. This potential is why many follow the currency closely.

Dinar Detectives.com

  • The website’s content comes from “dinardetectives.com” – individuals who share insights, rumors, predictions, and analysis about the IQD’s potential revaluation.
  • Gurus often claim to have connections within the Iraqi government, banks, other global financial institutions, etc. that provide inside intel.
  • Popular gurus featured on Dinar Detectives include Frank26, Delta, MilitiaMan, Pimpy, Jeff, and others.
  • Gurus provide updates in various formats – written blog posts, videos, call recordings, etc. Dinar Detectives curates and republishes this content.

Recaps and Intel

  • “Recaps” summarize recent calls, videos, and updates from gurus, highlighting the key points and new information covered.
  • “Intel” refers to insider information and rumors that gurus claim to have learned from connected sources about possible upcoming events impacting the IQD.
  • Recaps provide straightforward summaries for readers to stay updated. Intel provides the latest speculation and “news” that drives interest and theories around the RV potential.

Opinions and Predictions

  • The site features opinions from gurus offering their thoughts and analysis on the latest intel and rumblings about Iraq’s economy, government policy, etc.
  • Gurus frequently make predictions on timing – offering windows when they expect the Iraqi RV could finally occur. Common timeframes are “by the end of the month,” “in the next 90 days,” etc.
  • There are often differing views between gurus on the legitimacy of rumors, the interpretation of events, and likelihood of various RV scenarios playing out.

Investment Opportunities

  • Many who follow Dinar Detectives invest in the IQD with the hope of benefiting financially from a “revaluation.”
  • Typical investment recommendations shared on the site include:
    • Purchasing and holding physical IQD currency
    • Investing in dinar through a currency dealer or exchange
    • Opening a “structured” account to leverage dinar without personal possession
    • Using services that store or protect dinar holdings
  • The site provides advertising and links related to these kinds of dinar investment services.

In summary, Dinar Detectives provides the latest rumors, news, predictions, and analysis on the potential “revaluation” of the Iraqi dinar from various insights and gurus. Visitors speculate on this investment opportunity and hope to time it right to profit enormously if an RV does happen. The site helps investors stay closely tuned in to all the latest dinar developments and insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about Dinar Detectives and the RV speculation:

What are the chances the Iraqi dinar will actually revalue?

There are differing opinions on this. Some analysts see little chance of a huge revaluation happening. Others believe there are scenarios where the IQD could significantly gain against the dollar. There is no consensus.

Are the rumors and news on Dinar Detectives legitimate?

It’s hard to verify their accuracy. Gurus believe their intel is solid. But critics caution some rumors are false hopes or exaggerations. Readers must judge the credibility for themselves.

Can money still be made on the RV speculation?

In theory, yes, if you time your investment right before an RV happens and then exchange back to dollars quick enough. But there are significant risks – an RV may never happen or not reach the hoped-for exchange levels.

Is buying physical dinar currency the best investment strategy?

Physical currency is one option, but gurus debate the pros and cons versus other dinar investment accounts. Investing always carries risks – there are typically safer places to put money.

How imminent could a “revaluation” be?

Timing predictions constantly change. For over a decade, gurus have called for an imminent RV that hasn’t materialized. It’s smart to be skeptical of any specific short-term predictions.


  • Dinar Detectives provides a detailed look into the rumors, news, and investment speculation surrounding the Iraqi dinar currency.
  • For years, investors have looked to the site for updates from gurus who share information that points to a potential revaluation of the currency.
  • If the IQD were to RV against the dollar, it could mean huge profits for investors. But nothing is guaranteed, and many experts remain skeptical.
  • Still, Dinar Detectives offers an intriguing window into this unique investment opportunity and the passionate community that follows it closely for any sign of big changes to come.
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