Unit 7 Progress Check MCQ

Unit 7 Progress Check MCQ: An In-depth Guide

Unit 7 development assessments are a critical a part of knowledge and learning the concepts in various subjects like AP publications, calculus, or even music principle. These a couple of-preference questions (MCQ) not best test your know-how however also put together you for the varieties of questions you might encounter to your checks.

Unit 7 Progress Check: Multiple Choice Questions

  1. AP Environmental Science (APES)
    • Question: Which of the following best describes the primary cause of the greenhouse effect?
      • A) The deforestation of tropical rainforests
      • B) The release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere
      • C) The increase in solar radiation reaching the Earth
      • D) The trapping of heat in the atmosphere due to certain gases
      • Answer: D) The trapping of heat in the atmosphere due to certain gases
  2. AP Literature
    • Question: In Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, the theme of ‘appearance vs. reality’ is best exemplified through:
      • A) Hamlet’s madness
      • B) The play within a play
      • C) Ophelia’s relationship with Hamlet
      • D) The ghost of King Hamlet
      • Answer: B) The play within a play
  3. AP Language
    • Question: In rhetoric, an appeal to ethics is known as:
      • A) Pathos
      • B) Ethos
      • C) Logos
      • D) Kairos
      • Answer: B) Ethos
  4. Calculus AB
    • Question: What is the derivative of the function �(�)=�2f(x)=x2?
      • A) 2�2x
      • B) �x
      • C) �3x3
      • D) 2�22x2
      • Answer: A) 2�2x
  5. AP Music Theory
    • Question: In Western music theory, which scale is composed entirely of whole steps?
      • A) Major scale
      • B) Minor scale
      • C) Chromatic scale
      • D) Whole tone scale
      • Answer: D) Whole tone scale
  6. General Science
    • Question: Which element is essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormones?
      • A) Iron
      • B) Iodine
      • C) Calcium
      • D) Potassium
      • Answer: B) Iodine
  7. World History
    • Question: The Treaty of Versailles was primarily associated with which major historical event?
      • A) World War I
      • B) World War II
      • C) The Cold War
      • D) The American Revolution
      • Answer: A) World War I
  8. Mathematics
    • Question: If �(�)=3�+7f(x)=3x+7 and �(�)=�−2g(x)=x−2, what is �(�(�))f(g(x))?
      • A) 3�+53x+5
      • B) 3�−63x−6
      • C) 6�+56x+5
      • D) �+5x+5
      • Answer: A) 3�+53x+5
  9. AP Computer Science
    • Question: In Java, which of the following is used to define a class?
      • A) def
      • B) class
      • C) struct
      • D) function
      • Answer: B) class
  10. Geography
    • Question: The Great Barrier Reef is located in the waters of which country?
      • A) Brazil
      • B) Australia
      • C) Indonesia
      • D) Mexico
      • Answer: B) Australia
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