SMS Marketing Trends

SMS Marketing Trends You Should Consider Using In 2023

SMS marketing drives customer engagement, captures the attention of targeted consumers right where they are, and allows you to accomplish more at a reasonable cost. Unlike your other marketing campaigns, SMS marketing can make magic happen in real time. However, to maximize the potential of this powerful tool, you have to stay ahead of the curve. Following are several SMS marketing trends that are well worth using in 2023.

1. Using SMS as a Channel for Customer Service

Consistently providing superior customer support is vital for both protecting and growing your business. Now that consumer feedback can have a near-instant and potentially long-lasting impact on both your brand reputation and the profitability of your business, it definitely pays to keep people happy.

The timeliness of your response to customer service inquiries is just as important as the support you ultimately provide. SMS ensures that customers never have the chance to get truly frustrated before your company reaches out. It can also give consumers easy and highly accessible ways to troubleshoot their own problems or get the information they need without having to wait for phone cues. You can use SMS marketing messages to relay appointment reminders, issue digital receipts, supply real-time delivery tracking info, and more. Your messages can even include the option to submit questions for human responses or connect with live representatives.

2. Offload Inventory and Drive Sales

SMS messages are among the most effective marketing mediums for inciting a sense of buyer urgency. If you’ve got inventory that’s set to expire soon or if you’ve mistakenly ordered far more products than you can reasonably sell, you can let your customers know of significant, short-term discounts via text. Letting people know about the limited availability of special pricing will get them moving. Best of all, regularly using this technique gives you greater control over how fast your inventory moves.

3. Reward Loyalty

If you’ve been looking for a simple and cost-effective way to create a loyalty program, consider using SMS. Returning customers can opt-in to periodic text message blasts that include exclusive deals. Adding discount codes to your messages that are unique to the subscriber or to a specific, targeted group will allow you to seamlessly track the efficacy of these campaigns and better streamline your loyalty offers in the future.

4. Add Images

It’s no secret that web users prefer images over long blocks of text. With the right text messaging service for business, you can use your SMS messages to share branded images, helpful infographics, product photos with built-in links, and more. Showcasing your finest wares with professional photography and then adding these images to your texts is a great way to motivate people to buy.

5. Reconnect Prospects With Their Abandoned Shopping Carts

Prospective customers who visit your pages and load up their carts are often just one step away from officially converting. Don’t assume that they’ve found something cheaper or better elsewhere or that they were simply window shopping. A fair number of virtual shopping carts are abandoned purely as a result of consumer distraction.

When shoppers use your platform to select items and store them in their virtual carts, you’ll want to have plenty of prompts to submit their phone numbers and opt-in to text updates. Formerly a job done by email remarketing, you can now use your text messaging service to remind prospects that they’ve left something behind. You can also share any static discounts that you have for first-time buyers or other worthwhile incentives. This is an opportunity to give ready-to-convert consumers the extra push they need.

6. Conversational SMS

With more than half of smartphone users preferring text as the medium for dealing with customer support, it’s important to have an integrated solution that leverages the latest capabilities of AI along with human support representatives.

Although the long-term cost-effectiveness of AI can make a completely AI-run support team seem like a dream come true, it’s actually cheaper to keep some trained talent on hand. Incorporating human intelligence into your SMS ensures that people don’t feel abandoned by the personal, personable brand that you’ve built. It’s also a major trend in 2023. Conversational SMS strikes the perfect balance between artificial intelligence and human intelligence by creating true, two-way conversations. Easy access to support from live customer service agents can keep conversations from floundering when AI cannot issue an appropriate or acceptable response.

SMS isn’t going anywhere. As consumers complete more of their research and decision-making with their mobile devices, SMS gives businesses an opportunity to insert themselves into inner, pre-purchase conversations. With the latest SMS trends for 2023, you can make this powerful marketing tool work for you.

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