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What happened to Rachel Hawes after the Cedar Point rollercoaster accident?

Rachel Hawes suffered a excessive head injury after being struck by using a chunk of steel that flew off a rollercoaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. She filed a lawsuit towards Cedar Point claiming everlasting disabilities and looking for over $10 million in damages for lifelong scientific treatment.

Key Points

Who is Rachel Hawes?
  • When: The incident passed off on July 12, 2021, while Hawes become ready in line for the Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster trip.
  • What befell: A L-shaped steel plate weighing round 6-7 kilos broke off from the journey and struck Hawes within the head.
  • Injuries sustained: Hawes suffered skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries main to everlasting disabilities.
  • Lawsuit filed: In June 2022, Hawes filed a lawsuit in opposition to Cedar Point Amusement Park searching for over $10 million in damages.
  • Cause of coincidence: Her attorneys claim it changed into because of negligence of park officers while Cedar Point changed into cleared in an research.
  • Current reputation: The final results of the lawsuit and Hawes’ current circumstance are unknown publicly. The ride remains closed.

The Rollercoaster Accident at Cedar Point

On July 12, 2021, Rachel Hawes changed into ready in line for the Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster experience at Cedar Point enjoyment park in Sandusky, Ohio whilst a steel item broke off from the coaster train and struck her within the head.

The L-shaped metal plate changed into a part of the journey’s hydraulic release system and weighed around 6-7 kilos. It hit Hawes with enough force to purpose extreme and lifestyles-changing accidents.

Hawes become to start with handled by means of Cedar Point clinical employees before being transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center. She changed into later moved to St. Vincent Medical Center and in the end to Bronson Methodist Hospital in Michigan.

The Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster journey turned into without delay closed pending an research into the motive of the coincidence. It remains closed indefinitely even after the park reopened for the 2022 season.

Rachel Hawes’ Lawsuit Against Cedar Point

In June 2022, Rachel Hawes filed a lawsuit towards Cedar Point Amusement Park in search of reimbursement for her injuries and damages.

Some key information about the lawsuit:

  • Filed in Erie County Court of Common Pleas in Ohio
  • Names Cedar Point and numerous related entities as defendants
  • Claims Hawes suffered everlasting disability and deficits
  • Says she calls for lifelong clinical remedy and remedy
  • Estimates her past and future medical fees exceed $10 million
  • Blames her accidents on the negligence of Cedar Point employees

The lawsuit alleges that Cedar Point officers didn’t nicely hold the trip and shield patrons like Hawes from falling objects and particles.

While the preliminary complaint recognized around $thirteen.2 million in overall losses, it did no longer specify the precise amount of reimbursement sought from Cedar Point.

Rachel Hawes’ Injuries from the Accident

According to the lawsuit criticism, Rachel Hawes suffered catastrophic injuries that resulted in everlasting disability and deficits.

Some of the main injuries sustained by way of Hawes:

  • Skull fractures: Damage to cranial bones
  • Traumatic mind injuries: Harm to brain cells and tissues
  • Permanent cognitive deficits: Trouble with memory, interest, processing
  • Inability to hold as an educator: Can now not paintings in her career
  • Loss of potential to perform day by day sports: Needs help with self-care, tasks
  • Emotional distress and intellectual ache: Anxiety, strain, unhappiness, suffering

Hawes claims those disabilities are a direct end result of being hit by way of the metallic plate and will have an effect on her for the rest of her life. Her legal group contends she calls for regular clinical treatment and therapy.

Blame Game Between Rachel Hawes and Cedar Point

Rachel Hawes firmly believes her devastating injuries have been caused by the negligence and shortage of care of Cedar Point personnel.

However, Cedar Point claims otherwise:

  • An investigative report with the aid of the Ohio Department of Agriculture discovered no wrongdoing by the enjoyment park approximately the Top Thrill Dragster incident.
  • The file said there have been no symptoms the hydraulic launch gadget had issues that team of workers should have recognized and addressed prior to operation on the day of the accident.
  • Independent engineers who reviewed the trip determined the metallic plate detached due to a formerly undetectable crack that swiftly propagated on July 12.
  • The crack couldn’t were observed through park maintenance body of workers throughout their each day pre-operational tests.

So while Hawes’ criminal team blames a malfunction that Cedar Point team of workers should have discovered, the park insists there have been no signs of defects that personnel may want to have stuck in advance.

The very last final results will depend on what proof and arguments are provided in court docket.

Rachel Hawes Update

Rollercoaster Accidents – Some Key Statistics

Thrill rides like rollercoasters offer exhilaration to enjoyment park visitors however also bring a few risk. Accidents can and do occur.

Some key records on subject matter park ride accidents:

  • Over 30,000 injuries related to entertainment points of interest happen annually inside the US as per WebTribunal.
  • Rollercoasters account for 36% of total topic park ride accidents in line with MoneyPug.
  • There are round four deaths according to year regarding rollercoasters in the US says MoneyPug.
  • sixty five% of topic park accidents are due to patron misbehavior in keeping with NBC News.
  • 60% are resulting from system failure or malfunction in keeping with ScienceDirect.

While accidents are uncommon relative to the whole wide variety of safe rides, rollercoasters can result in critical harm or death while things go incorrect, as visible in the Rachel Hawes incident. Safety must usually come first at leisure parks.

What is Rachel Hawes’ Current Condition?

The genuine information of Rachel Hawes’ cutting-edge fitness reputation and recuperation procedure are unknown publicly. Her social media profiles have not been energetic since the coincidence over a 12 months ago.

Before the incident, Hawes lived in Swartz Creek, Michigan, and labored as an educator. The lawsuit states she will be able to now not work in her selected career due to permanent disabilities.

It is unclear if Hawes continues to be present process scientific remedy and rehabilitation. The lawsuit made it obvious she will require lifelong remedy and care.

The final results of Rachel Hawes’ lawsuit against Cedar Point is also still pending. No updates have been provided since the preliminary filing in June 2022. The subsequent steps might also rely on proof presented throughout criminal complaints.

While her present day circumstance can not be confirmed, Hawes unfortunately suffered devastating, life-converting accidents on that fateful day in July 2021. Her lawsuit targets to preserve Cedar Point accountable for the rollercoaster coincidence.

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