Lawsuit Filed After Tragic Car Crash at Fuller's Car Wash in Hinsdale, IL

Lawsuit Filed After Tragic Car Crash at Fuller’s Car Wash in Hinsdale, IL

Hinsdale, IL – A heartrending car crash outside Fuller’s Car Wash in Hinsdale, Illinois, has led to a lawsuit filed by the family of 14-year-old Sean Richards, who lost his life in the incident. The accident, involving a vehicle operated by a teenage employee of the car wash, has sparked debates about safety and accountability.

Details of the Accident

The tragic event unfolded when a 16-year-old employee of Fuller’s Car Wash accidentally accelerated a Jeep Wrangler instead of braking. The vehicle careened across two lanes of traffic, hitting Sean Richards before slamming into Fontano’s Subs, a popular spot in downtown Hinsdale.

Legal Actions Taken

Richards Family’s Lawsuit

The Richards family has taken legal action against Fuller’s Car Wash and the father of the 16-year-old driver. The lawsuit seeks to hold both parties responsible for the tragic loss of Sean.

Additional Lawsuits

In addition to the Richards family’s lawsuit, three other young individuals injured in the crash have filed their own legal claims. These lawsuits underscore the broader impact of the accident on the community.

Investigation and Police Response

Police Citation and Ruling

The Hinsdale Police cited the 16-year-old driver involved in the accident. However, the incident was ruled as an accident, with no intent to harm identified by the authorities.

Statements from Officials

The DuPage County state’s attorney and the Hinsdale police chief have described the incident as a tragic accident. They emphasized that there was no intention to cause harm, highlighting the unforeseen nature of the event.

Community Impact and Safety Concerns

Third Incident of Its Kind

This incident at Fuller’s Car Wash was reportedly the third of its kind, raising serious questions about the safety protocols and employee training at the establishment.

Family’s Plea for Safety

The Richards family, in their pursuit of justice, has also expressed a desire to see Fuller’s Car Wash relocated to an area with less pedestrian traffic. Their goal is to prevent any similar incidents in the future.

Call for Accountability

The tragedy has led to a strong community call for accountability. The Richards family and others affected by the crash are advocating for changes that will ensure the safety of both employees and customers of such businesses.


The fatal car crash at Fuller’s Car Wash in Hinsdale, IL, has not only resulted in a tragic loss of life but has also sparked a significant legal and community response. The lawsuit filed by the Richards family, along with the other legal actions taken by those injured, highlights the need for stringent safety measures and responsible business practices. As the community mourns Sean Richards and supports the injured, the call for accountability and prevention of future tragedies remains at the forefront of this ongoing issue.

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