How to Sing Like Phil Collins

How to Sing Like Phil Collins

How to Sing Like Phil Collins? Are you looking to improve your singing voice? Have you ever dreamed of singing like the legendary Phil Collins? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a few tips on how to sing like one of the world’s most iconic singers.

Work On Your Breath Control

Phil Collins is known for his powerful vocal range and consistent pitch. To sing like him, it’s important to have strong breath control—which means being able to take in and release large amounts of air with ease. To work on your breath control, practice breathing exercises such as diaphragmatic breathing or pursed lip breathing. Once you build up your core muscles, try singing scales with long notes and no breaks between them. This will help you learn how to draw out each note while maintaining good air flow throughout.

Experiment With Your Voice

Phil Collins is known for his unique vocal style which blends rock and soul together seamlessly. To develop a similar sound, you may need to experiment with different elements of your voice. Start by exploring different styles and genres of music that inspire you, paying attention not only to the lyrics but also the tone used by each singer. As you listen, try experimenting with different ranges and notes in each style until you find a unique sound that suits your voice best. You can even record yourself singing along with songs and use them as reference points when developing new ideas or practicing vocal exercises at home!

Practice Every Day

No matter what type of singer you want to become, practice makes perfect! Dedicate at least 30 minutes every day towards improving your vocal skills by doing things like warm-ups or listening/singing along with other artists in the same genre as Phil Collins (e.g., Genesis). You can even try recording yourself as often as possible so that you can track your progress over time and make adjustments accordingly if needed!


Singing like Phil Collins requires dedication, hard work, practice, experimentation, and patience—but it isn’t impossible! If done correctly and consistently, anyone should be able to achieve their dream of having a powerful yet soulful vocal range just like Phil has become famous for throughout his career! So don’t give up—start working on your breath control today! Good luck!

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