Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

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The Record of the Mightiest Lord novel begins by introducing the main character, Tang Long, a young disciple of the Remote Cloud Sect. Initially, Tang Long is depicted as a weak youth who often gets bullied by his fellow sect members due to his feeble strength and cultivation level. However, Tang Long’s destiny is about to change after he stumbles upon an ancient cave hidden behind a waterfall.

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1
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Key Takeaways

  • The main character Tang Long is introduced as a weak young man who lives in the Remote Cloud Sect
  • Tang Long finds an ancient cave behind a waterfall and discovers a mysterious jade pendant inside
  • After obtaining the jade pendant, Tang Long’s physique improves greatly and he becomes vastly stronger
  • Tang Long decides to leave the Remote Cloud Sect to explore the wider world and find his destiny
  • The story introduces the cultivation world that Tang Long lives in, with martial artists striving to improve their strength

Tang Long’s Humble Beginnings

Tang Long lived in seclusion with the Remote Cloud Sect, tucked away in the mountains. Despite training assiduously for years, Tang Long’s physique remained frail, and his prospects for advancing further in the martial dao seemed dim.

“No matter how hard Tang Long trained, his weak physique limited his ability to absorb spiritual energy and improve his cultivation.”

As a result, Tang Long was frequently ridiculed and looked down upon by his fellow disciples in the sect. This left Tang Long feeling despondent and dreaming of one day finding a fortuitous opportunity to gain strength.

Discovery of the Mysterious Cave

One day, while roaming the mountains behind the sect, Tang Long stumbled upon a cave hidden behind a waterfall. Compelled by curiosity, he entered the cave to investigate. The cave appeared ancient and primordial, adorned with ancient markings and engravings on the walls.

At the end of the cave, Tang Long discovered a jade pendant with a vague inscription. As soon as Tang Long picked up the pendant, he could feel a mysterious energy emanating from it, permeating his body.

“Tang Long stared at the jade pendant in awe, sensing its hidden potential and feeling as if he was destined to come across it.”

Obtaining the Power of the Jade Pendant

Once Tang Long wore the jade pendant, his constitution began to rapidly transform. His meridians expanded, his bones and muscles strengthened, and his spiritual roots deepened. Overnight, his pitiful cultivation base experienced astonishing advancement.

Tang Long realized the jade pendant contained the legacy of an ancient expert, granting him remarkable cultivation potential. Now brimming with vitality and power, Tang Long gained newfound confidence.

“The changes in his physique were like a dried up sapling met by timely rain, allowing Tang Long to finally blossom.”

Leaving the Sect to Explore the Wider World

Tang Long decided to leave Remote Cloud Sect after realizing he could no longer gain much from staying there. With his strengthened foundation and the mysterious jade pendant, Tang Long possessed the means to venture out into the wider world of martial arts cultivation and find his destiny.

Before departing the sect, Tang Long reflected:

“Hidden dragons will emerge when the time is right. My path lies beyond these mountains, on a grander adventure to seek my fate.”

Introduction to the Cultivation World

The story establishes that Tang Long lives in a fantastical world where people cultivate their martial strength and employ mystic arts. The setting introduces numerous sects and schools populated by martial artists pursuing the dao of cultivation.

Cultivators progressively improve their strength through focused training. The levels of cultivation in the Record of the Mightiest Lord universe are:

  • Spirit Gathering – Building an initial foundation
  • Qi Refining – Harnessing spiritual energy within the body
  • Foundation Establishment – Condensing liquid qi to form a core
  • Core Formation – Building a golden core and nascent soul
  • Nascent Soul – Projecting the soul and controlling primordial essence
  • Tribulation Transcendence – Surviving lightning tribulation to shed mortal form
  • Saint Ascension – Becoming an immortal existence through successive breakthroughs

The martial world is perilous, filled with conflicts and weeding out the weak. But it also holds fortunes and legacies for those bold enough to seize their destiny.


In the record of the mightiest lord chapter 1 mangabuddy, the story establishes Tang Long’s initial weakness and unlikely background. His discovery of the jade pendant containing the legacy of an ancient expert provides him with tremendous potential. Now brimming with newfound power, Tang Long sets off into the wider world of cultivation, seeking to determine his grand fate.

The backdrop of the boundless cultivation world is revealed, occupied by martial artists pursuing mystical strength. Tang Long is now poised to explore this landscape of dangers and opportunities. His journey to become the mightiest lord has just begun.

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