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How Much Does a Blackhawk Helicopter Cost [update 2021] Know Real Truth

Blackhawk helicopters are the most valuable machines that are used by America’s military units.

These units are used in various wars for performing different types of military operations.

Now, the cost of these valuable machines can be easily calculated using various online sources.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a detailed look at the popular Blackhawk Helicopter.

The United States has been in the news for quite some time.

They have come into the limelight, especially after the withdrawal of the U.S. Army from Afghanistan a few days ago.

From thereon, the internet is splurged with news about the relations between the two countries and other details about how much does a Blackhawk helicopter costs and its other parameters.

There is a lot of demand for Blackhawk helicopters from people from all over the world. These helicopters are used by the armed forces of many countries. The entire trained team of pilots operates these helicopters.

Blackhawk Helicopter Cost

What is Blackhawk Helicopter?

Sikorsky proposed a modified version of the S-70 named the S-70A. This new version featured a number of innovations, including a new main rotor head and other components.

The Army selected the prototype design as the winner of the competition in 1976 and designated it as the UH-60A Black Hawk.

Blackhawk UH-60 is a 4.7-ton class utility tactical transport helicopter operated by 2 pilots and a crew chief, with a capacity of 11 passengers. It can reach a top speed of 126 mph, a range of 230 miles, and a service ceiling of 16,765 feet.

The history of Blackhawk helicopters definitely tells us that it is a very versatile piece of machinery that has been used for ferrying troops and weapons from point to point, analyzing the situation, and strategizing in real-time.

The Blackhawk Helicopter was used to execute many operations across all theaters in the world, including sensitive cities.

Blackhawk Helicopters have become so famous and popular because of the unique and tactful design and structure they possess.

The uniqueness in design and structure along with its superior performance makes it a tool which is extremely difficult to beat.

The helicopter has a wide body. It has a V-shaped tail disk assembly.

The fuselage has an elongated shape. Moreover, the medium-lift utility helicopter has a shortened fuselage.

The engine exhaust is on the top of the rear section.

The medium-lift utility helicopter has two turboshaft engines that power lift rotors at the end of the stub wings that are mounted at forwarding tips of the rotor mast.

What is Blackhawk Helicopter?

The background of the origin of the helicopter is to be traced to an agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. Both of them separately wanted to develop multi-role helicopters.

The USA wanted to develop the first medium-lift utility helicopter, whereas Russia wanted to develop a heavy transport helicopter.

A memorandum on this issue was signed between them that the USA would help Russia in achieving its first goal.

Now, both of them got actively involved in achieving their respective goals.

More Information about the Blackhawk Helicopter

  • The black hawk helicopter has been used in a number of overseas conflicts, including Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Grenada, Somalia, the Balkans, and the Middle East.
  • The name comes from Black Hawk, an American Indian leader.
  • The Bell OH-58 Kiowa was phased out in the United States Army in 1979 and was replaced by the Bell UH-1 Iroquois.
  • The M61 Vulcan and M61A2 were developed for land combat. Other types were used in special operations and electronic warfare.
  • It became a primary rocket in the United States Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard in its modified form.
  • It’s also sent to other nations.

How Much Does a Blackhawk Helicopter Cost?

The US Air Services had supplied the helicopter to the Pakistan military. The Blackhawk helicopter costs $ 6 million per unit and $ 6.5 million per aircraft for maintenance.

U.S. Army has an extensive fleet of Black Hawk helicopters. The model UH-60L is selected by several other state defense agencies to meet their military transportation requirements, including the National Guard. Use the example of the unit cost of the UH-60L helicopter presented below to calculate its unit cost.

As the most expensive military aircraft in the world, these helicopters can cost up to $21 million, depending on their model. The cost of one Black Hawk helicopter is $10.2 million while the cost of a Chinook is $22.4 million. These two US-made helicopters are considered as the standard equipment for any American army combat force out there and were designated by the US Army and Marine Corps respectively.

How Much Does a Blackhawk Helicopter Cost?

The Final Verdict

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