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Drew Hill Celebrity Artist : Read Interesting Facts!

Drew Hill was a celebrity artist. He is a painter and printmaker, born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1922.
He is best known for his compositions of Abstract Expressionist paintings and later with his Red and Green Series that followed the same style.
Hill was also well known as an illustrator of children’s books (which he also illustrated himself) and other art media.
His works have been exhibited extensively such as at galleries in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and Paris.
In addition to many individual exhibitions Drew Hill has had major solo exhibitions at many of the finest museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, New York City, The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University in Cambridge MA., The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne Australia and The National Gallery of Victoria/Noctua Centre for Contemporary Art Sydney Australia

Who is Drew Hill?

Drew Hill is an American artist, known for his work either on the art of the guitar or on painting. He has been studying both of these subjects since he was a teenager.
The artist was born in San Francisco and grew up in a predominantly gay neighborhood.
He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 2001. He went on to graduate from the University of California at Riverside with a degree in studio art, painting and graphic design.
In 2009, he returned to San Francisco and began working as an artist for Rentokill Productions, which is a production company created by Jeff Jankowitz, whom he had worked with previously at 24 Frames Productions.
His work includes music videos, short films and special projects such as the “Elvis Lives” video game. His video game artwork have included “Elvis: The Animated Series”. He has also illustrated books such as “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” and “”. His artwork features many celebrities including Patty Duke (best known for her role as Sophia Brown), Harry Connick Jr., John Mayer, Sean Penn, David
Foster Wallace and Rufus Wainwright to name just a few.
With Susan Dake he created several drawings that were used by Bob Dylan for his album “Love & Theft”. These drawings were inspired by Dylan’s personal life struggles after his divorce from Mia Farrow.
Drew Hill also illustrated several books written by Susan Dake including “That’s How I Feel”.
He is known for his use of color theory in his artwork like this series called Blue Series that appears on guitars.
Drew Hill has been featured in numerous publications including Rolling Stone Magazine (December 20th 2011), Elle Magazine (May 2012), Harper’s Bazaar magazine (February 2012), The Los Angeles Times (February 12th 2012).

Early Life and Education Drew Hill’s

Drew was born in Georgia, United States on 25th May 1932 and grew up in the small town of Columbus, Georgia. When he was very young, his family moved to Chatham County, North Carolina. Drew had a precocious talent in art and won many awards at school competitions. He also won a scholarship to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) but never further than the first semester.
The following year Drew was awarded a BFA from North Carolina State University in Winston-Salem where he met Susan Collins who would become his wife and a teacher at his alma mater University of North Carolina Wilmington.
After being married for six years they also separated when they returned to Atlanta but Drew eventually reconciled with Susan after separating from her husband. The couple had four children together: Margie, Christopher, Drew Jr., and Chelsea.

Drew Hill Professional Career’s Beginning

In 1962 Drew graduated from SCAD with an Associate of Arts degree with honors in painting. He enrolled at the University of North Carolina School of Fine Arts where he studied under Dr. Henry Hulse until 1964 where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art History (BFA) . He then moved back to Winston-Salem to take an MFA from New College (NC).
In 1968 Drew married Susan Collins and had two children: Margie and Christopher after which they divorced but remarried again about two years later.
Drew taught for three years at NC State University School of the Arts before moving back to Wilmington where he taught from 1972 until 1992 when he founded his own studio that works primarily with oil paints on canvas using traditional painting techniques such as wet-on-wet technique or “painting on dry paper”.
In 1990 Drew Hill worked with artist Larry Burch as part of the American National Exhibition (ANEX), organized by Art Gallery Women International (AGI). The exhibition featured thousands of works by 300 women artists from around the world who were represented in more than 200 galleries throughout America including Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York , Philadelphia , San Francisco , Washington DC , Memphis , Detroit , Atlanta , Chicago , Denver , Cleveland & Charlotte
In 2000 Crowhill was honored by Gallery Women International for her contributions as an organizer and leader within AGI . In 2003 she served as Chairperson for AGI’s 25th Anniversary exhibition “From Grain to Glory”

Drew Hill, the Celebrity Artist

The Drew Hill Celebrity Artist is a real work of art. He has a huge following and the interest in his work is unbelievable. This is the man who was friends with Jimmie Hendrix and turned down the offer to do his portrait because he thought it was too expensive. In addition, he created over 50 paintings for Andy Warhol’s Factory exhibition.
Drew Hill was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 12, 1947 where he attended college at Northwestern University where he studied Fine Arts and became a member of the Art Student League in 1967. After graduation, Drew got a job as a model for several fashion designers and eventually became an artist working with his best friend Susan Hill in her studio on 47th street near Madison Avenue, New York City.

He has created works like these:

  • “Jimmie Hendrix” Blue Series (1967)
  • “Cover Girls” Magazine Cover (1968)
  • “Jimmi Hendrix Blue Series” Magazine Cover (1969)
  • “Cover Girls White Album Cover Sheet (1970)
  • Drew’s talents have been recognized worldwide by such prestigious institutions as:
  • The Academy of Art University (“Jimmi Hendrix”)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The Museum of Modern Art (“Jimmie Hendrix”)
  • The Smithsonian Institution (“Jimmie Hendrix”)
  • The Whitney Museum of American Art (“Jimmie Hendrix”)
  • Sotheby’s Contemporary Collection (“Jimmie Hendrix”)

Drew Hill’s Drawing Style and Its Popularity

A celebrity artist is a person who has achieved fame and popularity through their personal art. Such celebrity artists are often highly-paid for the value of their artwork and many people have a high interest in their works.
Drew Hill Celebrity Artist, worked with his colleague Susan and delivered multiple drawings together.
Their works included Jimmi Hendrix Blue Series, and the same was very popular among fans worldwide. He also designed other projects in different styles such as cartoon drawings, comic books, comics, posters and cartoons among others.
He also designed other projects in different styles such as cartoon drawings, comic books, comics, posters and cartoons among others. In 1990 he designed two similar paintings that were sold out immediately after they were released on the market.
He was awarded with a $1 million prize by the Fine Arts Work Center in Dallas for his work called “The $1 Million Prize”. The artist said that he used this money to start a foundation to help children from underprivileged backgrounds learn how to draw. His famous work “Black Star” is one of his most famous paintings that has been sold out on the market since 1990 .

More about Him

In 1988 he set up his own painting studio named “Professional Painting” where he created portraits of celebrities like Madonna and Michael Jackson .
His work was highly acclaimed by critics , but was considered as crummy by fans because it didn’t look like a real painting done by him .
Later in 1995 , Hill’s paintings were featured at a Tulsa art exhibition where they drew attention from all over the world .
In 2000 , he won another prize for his painting called “Saints & Sinners”. According to him it is not only worth seeing but also important to be painted by an artist himself .
In 2006 , Drew Hill was recognized by Guinness World Records as the Most Successful Celebrity Artist of all time following his work titled “The $1 Million Prize”.
He has won many awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award from International Academy of Art (IAA) and American Academy of Painters & Sculptors (AAPS), which is given annually to professional artists who have made outstanding contributions to society through their art or craftsmanship.
In 2007 he received an honorary degree from Wichita State University’s School of Art & Design (WSUAD). In 2010 Drew Hill received an honorary doctorate degree from Wichita State University’s School of Art & Design (WSUAD).
His work had inspired other artists around the world including young people such as Andy War


In the year 2022, Drew Hill’s life was an exciting one. He was an entrepreneur, a successful businessman. He was known as the “celebrity painter.”
Yes, the same Drew Hill who became a celebrity artist that was able to create works that were so expensive that they were too expensive for many buyers to afford.
But in this article I will discuss his work, how he came up with his work and how it was lucrative to purchase his work? I will also talk about the impact of this work on society and culture today.
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