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A Universal Time New Universe Trello [2024] – Updates and Guide

A Universal Time (AUT) is a famous Roblox anime journey RPG sport with a committed fanbase. The developers often replace the game and percentage new capabilities on Trello forums.

This guide will cover the whole lot you need to understand about A Universal Time’s New Universe Trello board – the capabilities, current updates, a way to use codes, and more!

What is A Universal Time?

A Universal Time is an anime-style journey RPG sport on Roblox launched in 2018. It’s based totally on the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In AUT, you defeat enemies and different gamers to acquire objects, liberate talents, and progress through the game’s universe. There are over 100 playable characters from various anime collection.

Core gameplay elements include:

  • Battling AI enemies and actual players
  • Unlocking new stands and specs with particular attacks
  • Customizing your individual with cosmetics like clothing and accessories
  • Exploring and adventuring throughout extraordinary worlds
  • Building bases and homes on your team

With frequent updates and new codes, AUT has constructed a strong community of enthusiasts on Roblox.

Understanding the A Universal Time Trello Boards

The developers use Trello forums to proportion sneak peeks of upcoming functions, release patch notes, and announce new codes.

There are two main boards:

  • A Universal Time Trello – For the unique AUT sport
  • A Universal Time: New Universe Trello – For the sequel AUT: NU

The forums include lists of playing cards detailing the cutting-edge modifications, prepared through replace. Images provide previews of latest stands, maps, and other content.

Using these Trello forums, players can live up to date on what’s next for the games.

Recent Updates on the New Universe Trello

The New Universe Trello offers a glimpse into the destiny AUT: NU updates. Here are some of the most exciting recent additions:

  • New Stands – Star Platinum OVA, Kakyoin v2, The World OVA
  • Stand Skins – Shadow Dio, Heaven Dio Brando
  • Spec Upgrades – Upgraded Dragon Ball spec
  • New Maps – Canyon, Coast, Desert
  • New Features – PvP area, every day rewards

Other Notable Updates

  • Reworked Sol and Nocturnus regions with new designs
  • Poison-resistant Queen Bee boss
  • Goku spec with transformation mechanics
  • Satoru Gojo spec with Jujutsu Kaisen skills
  • Ben 10 Omnitrix spec to convert into extraterrestrial beings

Based at the Trello, it is clear the builders are targeted on adding exciting new content to AUT: NU often.

How to Use Codes in A Universal Time

Codes are an clean manner to advantage credit, coins, cosmetics, and different rewards in AUT. Here are a few pointers:

  • Active codes are posted at the Trello boards or the developers’ Twitter @realpillowe
  • Open the menu and click the Codes tab to enter them
  • Codes are typically constrained time simplest, expiring after per week or two
  • Using a code will automatically redeem the praise
  • Make certain to enter codes exactly as proven, with right capitalization
Nopolicepls$350 Credits
beachbumBeach Hat
buildaboatKite Hat

Table showing example AUT codes

Stay updated at the modern codes by way of checking the Trello or following the builders on Twitter regularly.

Is the New Universe Worth Playing?

So must you soar into AUT’s sequel recreation AUT: NU?

The answer is absolutely yes if you:

  • Enjoy PvP anime arena battles
  • Like RPG grinding and accumulating new equipment
  • Want constant new content material and updates
  • Love the anime collection represented
  • Have buddies to journey with in a private server

The Trello board indicates constant updates, active developers, and an thrilling roadmap. If you loved the original AUT, the new universe grants greater of that same journey and fighting fun.

The Bottom Line

  • AUT: NU Trello gives insights into destiny recreation updates
  • New stands, specifications, areas, bosses, and functions are usually delivered
  • Codes posted on Trello and Twitter deliver unfastened rewards
  • Join for PvP anime battles and RPG grinding
  • An active community and committed developers

For anime and JoJo lovers on Roblox, A Universal Time: New Universe is virtually really worth playing. Just live tuned to the Trello board and Twitter to get the present day codes and updates.

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