How much are PS4s worth at pawn shops

How much are PS4s worth at pawn shops?

If you’re looking to sell your used PlayStation 4 (PS4) or buy one secondhand, pawn shops provide a handy option. However, you’ll be questioning how a whole lot cash you may get in your PS4 at a pawn store. Let’s test the standard resale fee of PS4 consoles and the key factors that effect it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The value of a used PS4 at pawn shops typically ranges from $100 to $250.
  • Factors like console models, accessories, games, and conditions impact resale value.
  • PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models command higher prices than the original PS4.
  • Selling directly to buyers online can fetch better prices than pawn shops.

Typical PS4 Prices at Pawn Shops

Pawn shops will typically offer anywhere from $100 to $250 for a used PS4 console:

  • Original PS4 – $100 to $150
  • PS4 Slim – $150 to $200
  • PS4 Pro – $200 to $250

However, pawn stores tend to offer less than different shops in view that they may be shopping secondhand gadgets. You may get more money promoting directly to customers on-line or thru classified listings.

What Impacts a PS4’s Pawn Shop Value?

Several factors determine how a great deal a pawn save will pay for a used PS4:

1. Console Model

The PS4 model greatly impacts resale fee. The PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim command higher prices than the unique PS4. The PS4 Pro’s enhanced 4K and HDR competencies make it the most precious model.

2. Bundled Items

PS4 consoles bundled with greater controllers, games, VR headsets, and other add-ons will fetch better gives from pawn shops. More objects mean more capacity income for the pawn save.

3. Game Selection

The choice of bundled games also affects PS4 cost. Popular titles like Call of Duty, Madden NFL, and NBA 2K retain fee higher and improve the resale charge.

4. Physical Condition

A PS4 in pristine condition without a scratches, scuffs or symptoms of heavy use will be worth more than a heavily worn console. Defective or damaged PS4s have little pawn price.

5. Special/Limited Editions

Limited version PS4 consoles and people bundled with rare games can be really worth notably greater than widespread variants.

How Much For PS4 Controllers and Accessories?

For PS4 controllers and accessories sold one after the other, pawn stores usually provide:

  • PS4 Controllers – $20 to $30
  • PS VR Headset – $100 to $150
  • PS Camera – $10 to $20
  • Games – $5 to $15 for recent titles

Key Factors That Determine Pawn Shop Offers

The pawn shop’s profit margin needs

Pawn shops have to resell gadgets at a markup to make a income, in order that they offer less than full retail fee.

Local supply and demand

If there may be an oversupply of used PS4s in the location, pawn shops will provide much less. Areas with excessive call for can translate to better pawn offers.

Condition and special editions

As stated above, pawn shops provide more for pristine and constrained version consoles.

Bundled items

More games, controllers and add-ons boost PS4 values. Items can be sold separately.

Negotiation skills

Experienced negotiators may additionally efficiently broker barely better gives for his or her PS4s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a pawn shop give you for a PS4 Pro?

  • Expect around $200 to $250 for a PS4 Pro in good condition. With extra bundled items and negotiation, possibly up to $300.

How much is a PS4 worth at GameStop?

  • GameStop offers around $175 cash or $220 store credit for an original PS4 with controller and cables. Up to $260 cash for a PS4 Pro.

How much will a pawn shop give you for a PS4 controller?

  • Around $20 to $30 for a used PS4 controller in good condition. Older or damaged controllers may get just $5 to $10.

How much is a used PS4 at GameStop?

  • GameStop sells refurbished original PS4 bundles for $229.95. Used PS4 Slim bundles go for $259.99 and PS4 Pros around $319.99.

How much is a PS4 worth used?

  • On average, used PS4 consoles sell for:
    • Original PS4 – $120 to $150
    • PS4 Slim – $170 to $200
    • PS4 Pro – $220 to $260

How much will pawn shops give for a PS4?

  • Pawn shops typically offer $100 to $250 for used PS4 consoles, depending on model, condition and bundled items. Negotiation can possibly increase offers slightly.

How much does a used PS4 sell for?

  • Used PS4 prices currently average:
    • Original PS4 – $120 to $170
    • PS4 Slim – $180 to $220
    • PS4 Pro – $220 to $270

How to sell a PS4 to a pawn shop?

  • To get the most money:
    • Clean and restore the PS4 to like-new condition
    • Bundle controllers, cables, and popular game titles
    • Know the current resale value and negotiate
    • Shop around for the best pawn shop offer
    • Take proof of ownership and account reset

How much is a PS4 worth in 2023?

  • With the PS5 out, PS4 values will continue to slowly decline. In 2023, expect pawn shops to offer:
    • Original PS4 – $80 to $120
    • PS4 Slim – $130 to $170
    • PS4 Pro – $170 to $220

So in precis, the amount pawn stores will pay for your PS4 can vary quite a bit primarily based on several elements. With a few preparation and negotiation, you will be capable of get towards the better cease of the price levels. But selling immediately your self on-line will in all likelihood fetch even better fees.

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