92career is the most popular online job portal in Bangladesh. It connects job seekers and employers by providing a platform to post jobs and search for suitable candidates. 92career has established itself as a leading recruitment marketplace in Bangladesh with over 92 lakh registered jobseekers and over 5000 corporate employers.

Key Takeaways:

  • 92career is a leading job portal in Bangladesh
  • It provides job opportunities for fresh graduates and professionals
  • Companies can post jobs and access CVs on 92career platform
  • Jobseekers can create profile, upload CV and apply for jobs
  • 92career also provides career advice and tips for job interviews

Overview of 92career

92career started its journey in 2015 with the vision to transform the recruitment process in Bangladesh using technology. It wanted to make job search easy for candidates and hiring efficient for companies.

Some key facts about 92career:

  • Founded in 2015 in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Parent company is Logical Interactions
  • Provides services in Bangladesh only currently
  • Has a database of 92 lakh+ registered job seekers
  • Over 5000 corporate companies use it to recruit talent
  • Alexa global rank is around 5000

Services Offered by 92career

92career offers the following services to job seekers and employers:

For Job Seekers

  • Profile creation – Upload your CV and create a professional job seeker profile
  • Job alerts – Get notified whenever a job matching your skills is posted
  • Job search – Search and apply for relevant jobs by location, role, industry etc.
  • Career advice – Get tips on resume-writing, interview preparation and career guidance

For Employers

  • Post Jobs – Post job vacancies and access a large pool of relevant candidates
  • Search resumes – Search resume database and shortlist candidates for open positions
  • Recruitment tools – Use built-in tools for assessment, video interviewing and more
  • Employer branding – Create company profile and enhance brand visibility

Key Features of 92career

Here are some of the notable features of 92career:

  • Big database – 92 lakh+ resumes and 5000+ companies gives extensive options
  • Job matching – Automated algorithms match candidate skills with job requirements
  • Resume search – Companies can search resume database for recruitment
  • Posting options – Flexibility to post jobs free or in premium packages
  • Career resources – Articles, tips and advice on careers, CV writing, interviews etc.

Benefits of 92career for Job Seekers

92career offers the following advantages for job seekers in Bangladesh:

  • Apply for relevant jobs quickly that match your skills and interests
  • Wide choice of jobs from various industries like IT, Banking, Engineering etc.
  • Create professional resume and online profiles
  • Improve job search efficiency and save time
  • Career guidance articles and resources provide helpful tips
  • User-friendly interface makes search and application easy

Benefits for Employers

Here are some benefits employers get from 92career:

  • Large candidate database to search for qualified applicants
  • Targeted search by skills, experience helps find ideal candidates
  • Cost-effective and quick hiring compared to traditional methods
  • Brand awareness among job seekers by creating company profile
  • Analytics and tracking to monitor applicants and recruitment
  • Screening tools like assessment tests, video interviewing etc.

92career’s Impact on Recruitment Industry

92career has made a significant positive impact on the recruitment landscape in Bangladesh:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced hiring cost for companies
  • Provided access to wider talent pool across country
  • Created transparency in job search process
  • Faster and convenient for both applicants and employers
  • Improved candidate experience through tech-driven platform
  • Helped many applicants find suitable jobs quickly
  • Enabled data-driven and programmatic hiring for recruiters

92career’s Plans for Future Growth

92career has ambitious plans to expand further in Bangladesh and potential other countries:

  • Increase registered users to 1 crore job seekers
  • Onboard more major companies and MNCs
  • Launch 92career mobile app with advanced features
  • Provide value-added services like skill assessment and video interviews
  • Expand to other countries starting with India and SouthEast Asia
  • Utilize technologies like AI, ML to improve recruitment experience
  • Invest and build partnerships to extend platform capabilities

92career is on a high-growth trajectory and plans to disrupt the recruitment sector using technology.

Tips for Job Seekers on Using 92career effectively

Here are some tips for job seekers to maximize their chances of success using 92career:

  • Build an appealing resume as per industry best practices
  • Optimize profile with relevant skills, achievements, certifications
  • Set job alerts and apply quickly for openings
  • Use site search tools effectively to find matching jobs
  • Follow application process and timelines of employers
  • Read career tips to prepare for interviews and assessments
  • Participate in employer activities like recruitment drives
  • Provide updated contact information for quick response
  • Personalize applications using job descriptions


In summary, 92career has become the go-to recruitment platform in Bangladesh connecting thousands of applicants with top employers. Its large database, job matching and career resources provide an efficient job hunting experience. For employers, it enables targeted hiring, talent analytics and brand building. 92career is bringing a technology-driven revolution in talent acquisition in Bangladesh and helping many find their dream careers. With robust plans for growth, it is poised to be a leading online job portal in the region.


YearNo. of Registered Job SeekersNo. of Employers
20152 lakhs800
201820 lakhs2000
202160 lakhs3500
202492 lakhs5000
Profile CreationUpload CV and create professional profile
Job MatchingAlgorithms match applicant skills with job requirements
Resume SearchCompanies can search resume database for recruitment
Career ResourcesArticles, tips on careers, CV, interviews etc
For Job SeekersFor Employers
Create professional profilePost jobs and access relevant candidates
Search and apply for jobsSearch resume database to shortlist candidates
Get job alerts via email and appUse built-in recruitment and screening tools
Career guidance resourcesEnhance employer brand visibility
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