76937 CPT Code Reimbursement

76937 CPT Code Reimbursement Explained

CPT code 76937, a critical component in medical billing, involves ultrasound guidance for vascular access. This article aims to demystify the complexities surrounding this code, ensuring healthcare professionals and coders alike understand its correct application and billing practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • CPT code 76937 relates to ultrasound guidance for vascular access.
  • It requires specific documentation and real-time visualization.
  • There are rules for billing CPT code 76937 with other codes.

What is CPT Code 76937?

CPT code 76937 is defined as ultrasound guidance for vascular access, requiring evaluation of potential access sites, documentation of vessel patency, real-time visualization of needle entry, with permanent recording and reporting. This procedure is vital for patient safety and accuracy in vascular access procedures.

Can CPT Code 76937 Be Billed Alone or With Other Procedures?

Billing with Other Codes:

  • Can CPT 76937 and 76942 be billed together? Yes, under specific conditions.
  • Can 36569 and 76937 be billed together? This combination is also permissible, following certain guidelines.
Code CombinationPermissible Billing
76937 and 76942Yes, with conditions
36569 and 76937Yes, with guidelines

Solo Billing:

  • Can CPT code 76937 be billed alone? Yes, provided it meets all the documentation and procedural requirements.

Understanding Reimbursement and Modifiers


  • CPT code 76937 reimbursement varies based on insurance policies and geographical location.


  • CPT 76937 modifier 26: Used when only the professional component is billed.
  • Does CPT 76937 need a modifier? Yes, in certain situations to specify the nature of the service provided.

Related Codes and Billing Practices

  • CPT code 77001: Related to fluoroscopic guidance.
  • CPT codes to bill with 76937: Include 76942, 36569, among others.
  • CPT 76937 CMS guidelines: Provide specific instructions on Medicare billing.

Can CPT code 76937 be billed twice?

  • Generally, no. It’s billed per access session, not per needle or attempt.

Guidelines and Best Practices

To ensure compliance and accuracy:

  • Documentation: Record all necessary details of the procedure.
  • Compliance with CMS Guidelines: Follow Medicare billing rules.
  • Understanding of Related Codes: Know when and how to bill with codes like 36556.
  • Use of Modifiers: Apply appropriate modifiers where necessary.


CPT code 76937 plays a crucial role in medical billing, particularly in procedures involving vascular access. Understanding its application, documentation requirements, and billing in conjunction with other codes ensures accuracy and compliance in medical coding.

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