What is the best bath shape for relaxing?

What is the best bath shape for relaxing?

The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to decorate. Buyers should be careful in the selection process to purchase worthwhile plumbing as a result. The most difficult thing is choosing a bathtub that takes up a lot of space and must maintain excellent functionality. The most comfortable baths can have a different shape, and their choice will depend on the configuration of the room.

Oval bath in a modern apartment

Such models are in demand for various reasons. The oval bath has a shape that follows the natural curves of the body. This feature provides optimal support while bathing. It will be easier for a person to sit in it in a comfortable position. Even long water procedures will no longer cause pain in the lumbar region. Oval bathtubs do not have sharp corners. The consequence of this fact is easier care. To clean the bath from pollution, it will take a minimum of effort and time.

Practical corner bathtubs

If you need a comfortable bath that will not take up much space in the room, then you should pay attention to corner structures. Such models were created for standard small-sized rooms. They provide for installation in the corner of the room. The quadrangular shape ensures perfect adhesion to surfaces. Some corner bathtubs may have a rounded shape on the side that does not rest against the wall, which makes the design more functional.

Is a corner bathtub comfortable? This question can only be answered by taking into account several additional factors. First of all, you need to pay attention to its size and depth. The width of the bath is usually small, and the height of the side does not exceed 20 inches, so anyone of any age will be comfortable using the design. Comfortable baths can be additionally equipped with handrails, which will make boarding even easier. The color scheme for such plumbing can be chosen at your discretion.

Alcove baths and their features

Many bathrooms have a special niche in which bathing equipment is installed. Niche models are compact, and their shape can be completely different. Such products are oval, rectangular, or have irregular geometry. As in the case of rectangular bathrooms, the structure is closed on three sides by walls. An alcove bath can give the impression that bathing is taking place in a familiar freestanding structure.

Round bathtubs in a modern interior

Similar models have been used for centuries and today also remain in demand. Especially often they can be seen in Japanese homes, where such a form is considered a classic. Such products can hardly be called comfortable if, in the process of taking a bath, a person is used to staying most of the time in a horizontal position. If bathing usually happens quickly, then round tubs can be a great choice. During water procedures, a person remains in a sitting position, leaning back a little, so getting up will be as easy as possible.

The most comfortable bath shape is determined solely by the individual. Some customers require a product that will occupy a small area. In this case, round models are the best option available. Installation of the product is the same as in the case of other baths. It can always be supplemented with hydromassage or organized as a full-fledged shower.

Square bathtubs

Manufacturers offer a huge list of plumbing options to choose from, and each of the products deserves the attention of users. Square bathtubs help to economically use free space. In their features, they resemble the usual round models but differ in more strict outlines. You will also have to bathe while sitting. The square bath exhibits higher rigidity due to the presence of ribs, which allows the use of modern materials for production.

Hourglass-shaped bathtubs

When choosing stand-alone models, buyers can take into account a variety of parameters. The form will play an important role. The most comfortable freestanding tub is an enlarged hourglass. It resembles an oval structure, which becomes thinner towards the middle to expand at the edges. Curves make the product more attractive in terms of design, which is an important factor for many buyers.

Bathtubs with single slippers

Such designs got their name due to their similarity with this type of home shoe. One of the sides of the structure is slightly raised and has an increased slope. The single bath has an ergonomic design that is responsible for comfort during water procedures. The design keeps the small sizes. Since the model has an unusual shape, it will bring fresh notes of style to the interior. Various materials can be used to make a bathtub:

  • cast stone;
  • steel;
  • copper;
  • cast iron.

The choice of material will depend on the intensity of use of the structure. If the bath is chosen for a small family without pets, then you can completely stop at a model made of acrylic or fiberglass. They are lightweight and can take on any shape. If the structure will experience serious loads during operation, then you should pay attention to steel or cast iron, which can withstand even severe shocks.

Double tubs for couples

When planning to take a bath together, you should look at the appropriate models. They are widely represented on the market. They differ in larger dimensions, which must be considered before buying. Not in every room it will be possible to effectively use such products. Modern technologies make it possible to save models from unnecessary bulkiness. Double bathtubs are characterized by the presence of a beautiful curve, and will also make the room even more luxurious.

Such models are also suitable for those who do not want to be limited at the time of taking a bath. Additionally, the design can be equipped with an ergonomic headrest to ensure complete comfort during long bathing. As you can see, each model has its strengths. Even the most compact bathtub will not be deprived of comfort if its design is well thought out.

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