What Happened To Coco Hololive

What Happened To Coco Hololive: 2022 Updates and Details

What Happened To Coco Hololive? This is the question on everyone’s mind ever since the company announced its hiatus. Rumors are spreading like wildfire, and people are eager to find out what happened. Well, we have all the details for you right here.


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Coco Hololive. The once-popular YouTube channel has been silent since 2022. What could have happened to them? Well, we’re here to tell you.

About Hololive:

Coco Hololive was a popular YouTube channel that suddenly went silent in 2022. The reason for their hiatus is still unknown, but we have all the details for you right here.

First and foremost, the channel has not been shut down. The Coco Hololive team is still hard at work creating new content, they’ve just been a little quieter lately.

Secondly, all of the old videos are still available to watch on the channel. There are no plans to take them down or delete them.

Finally, we’ve spoken to the team and they’re excited to start sharing new content with all of you soon. So stay tuned! We’ll be sure to update you as soon as there are any new developments. Thank you for your continued support.

What Happened To Coco Hololive?

Coco is a Vtuber who started the journey in 2019. She is one of the members of Hololive English, which is a branch of Hololive Production for English-speaking audiences.

At first, she received massive support from her fans and her videos became viral on Reddit. However, things are getting worse as time goes by.

She released several videos on YouTube to promote herself at the beginning. In all these videos, she introduces herself, shows her room, and even sings an English song for everyone. These are great uploads that can attract many new viewers to her channel.

Viewers’ Comments:

Jena, I hope she comes back soon, her channel was really helpful for learning English.

Sara, I’m so sad she stopped uploading, I looked forward to her videos every week.

Linda, She was my favorite English teacher, I hope she starts uploading again soon.

Social Media Pages:

The news of Kiryu Coco was made official by the team on Twitter. After hearing about Coco, people were eager to find out what had happened to her. As a consequence, Cover’s official website notes that the final stream of Coco will be aired at 8 pm on July 1.

Wrapping It All:

In recent days, this is the most trending topic among media and the internet. As you know, Kizuna Ai is the first Virtual YouTuber, she is the first one to start this trend. But after her news of leaving her company and streams, people are very sad about it. And here we are to clear your confusion about this.

Although she left her company, she will still continue her streams. Her contract ends with the company but not with her fans. She will now stream as an independent Vtuber under her new fan club name “Ailand”.

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