Reviews Reviews: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Sneakerchart.Com is a famous website for buying footwear, trainers, and sports shoes at low priced fees. However, with its latest registration and lack of touch details, a few are questioning if Sneakerchart.Com is reputable or a scam.

Key Takeaways

  • Sneakerchart.Com sells cheap sneakers, trainers, and sports activities footwear
  • It offers free international transport and has proper customer support
  • The web page became registered recently in 2021
  • No touch information or return coverage is listed at the website
  • Reviews are mainly high-quality, however some issues round legitimacy remain

What is Sneakerchart.Com?

SneakerChart.Com is known for providing excellent deals on ultra-modern sneakers and running shoes. According to the website:

  • They promote basketball shoes, jogging footwear, running shoes, sneakers and other sports activities footwear
  • All merchandise are proper and imported from authentic producers in China
  • Prices are usually $50 in comparison to $200 on sites like Nike and Adidas

Sneakerchart draws clients in with guarantees of the hottest styles at especially low costs with unfastened transport international.


  • Store url
  • This site was registered on June 4, 2021.
  • Contact email:
  • No contact information is provided on the site.
  • No shipping costs were mentioned on the retailer’s web site.
  • Between 5 and 8 days after placing an order, you will get it.
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted within three days of delivery.
  • MoneyGram, Western Union, Credit card, and Bank to Bank wire transfer are the four payment options.

Pros : 

  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Large selection of sneaker and trainers
  • Great customer service and fast delivery times
  • Ships to the whole world
  • There’s a wide selection of goods and accessories at the store.
  • The firm sells branded footwear at a discount.
  • The site is secured with HTTPS.
  • It appears to be a website for a company that sells items.


  • Lack of contact information on site
  • No return or exchange policy mentioned on site
  • A single percent of the visitors trusted the website.
  • No reviews of our products have been submitted to

Is Sneakerchart.Com Legit? Concerns and Positives

There are some regarding elements round Sneakerchart that convey up questions around its legitimacy:

  • The website changed into registered these days on June four, 2021
  • There is no touch information listed on the site
  • No clean returns or alternate coverage is cited
  • The web page makes use of phony social media icons

However, there are also numerous indicators that Sneakerchart.Com is an authentic business:

  • The web page appears secure with HTTPS protocol
  • It looks like an actual retailer website for a organization
  • Most patron evaluations of Sneakerchart are fantastic concerning selection-global shipping Lack of contact informationLarge selection of footwearNo go back/exchange policy
    coststhese days

With conflicting evidence on each aspects, is Sneakerchart Com in the end authentic or a rip-off?

Assessing the Trustworthiness of Sneakerchart

To determine if a website is sincere, there are a few key factors to examine:

  • Domain history – How lengthy has the site been registered? Most rip-off websites have short registration histories.
  • Contact statistics – Legitimate businesses provide smartphone numbers, emails, and sometimes bodily addresses. Lack of contact info is a purple flag.
  • Reviews – Presence of evaluations from actual customers indicates authenticity. Lack of reviews brings more uncertainty.
  • Alexa ranking – High international visitors scores suggest hooked up web sites. Sites with very low ranks tend to be new or obscure.

Looking deeper into those regions for Sneakerchart:

  • The domain became registered pretty recently in 2021
  • There is no touch data supplied on the website online
  • There are no unbiased opinions yet to be had
  • The Alexa ranking is extraordinarily low

Additionally, Sneakerchart.Com accept as true with scores are negative and threat/malware scores are excessive in protection checks.

With the constrained history, questionable contact details, lack of opinions, and poor external accept as true with exams, doubts emerge on how valid Sneakerchart.Com absolutely is.

The Bottom Line: Should You Trust Sneakerchart.Com?

Sneakerchart.Com offers a big choice of discounted shoes with international transport, garnering specially tremendous consumer remarks so far.

However, the recent area history, lacking touch statistics, and absence of unbiased critiques bring up uncertainty across the site’s authenticity. Questions linger whether or not Sneakerchart.Com is legit or an intricate scam operation.

For customers searching out name-logo sneakers online:

  • Proceed with caution and skepticism round Sneakerchart.Com
  • Vet all details carefully for the duration of transactions
  • Use buyer safety while paying with credit card or PayPal
  • Consider established shops like Amazon, eBay or foremost brand web sites instead

There nonetheless isn’t sufficient proof to definitively kingdom Sneakerchart.Com is a rip-off. But till more history and opinions expand around the website, consumers are smart to maintain their defend up exploring opportunity stores.

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