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Is Legit: True or Fake?

Is Legit: True or Fake? >> This company sells inflatable goods such as air furniture and pool sets. Before purchasing from this site, we recommend that you read the article. is a legit website that was established to provide its customers with something different. This company has been in the market for more than three decades and it’s currently providing various products like toys, electronic devices, home appliances, etc. The portal also provides goods from other international brands like Nike, Samsung, Sony, etc. So if you are looking for some good deals on these items then visit now!


This website is now operational in the United States. In this post, we’ve compiled information from the portal and the web about this website, as well as facts.

Is Authentic?:

According to our research and opinion, the purchase of products from this portal is at stake. In addition, this portal is not authentic.

So, we would like to advise our readers and visitors not to purchase any product from as it is a fraud and scam site. Hence, please stay away from it!

What is is an online store selling various products for swimming pools and spas. Their inventory includes pool sets, airbeds, and other floating furniture, pumps, and tanks essential in maintaining a swimming pool, filters, saltwater systems, and much more.

Basic Details Of is one of the most reliable sources of pool accessories in the global market at present. The website has been in operation for about 12 years now and boasts of being the pioneers of selling various products used for swimming pools on the internet. These products include floaters like airbeds and chairs, swimming pool sets, filtration products like sand filter pumps, and saltwater systems among many others.

Apart from these, also sells equipment used in the maintenance of these inflatable products such as water pipes, stands, and covers designed to protect them from wear and tear or malfunctioning due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays or other natural causes. The site has a comprehensive category list where buyers will be able to find whatever they need for their inflatable products. This includes maintenance tools such as storage covers, lines, air mattresses, pumps, filter systems together with parts related to them like hoses.


  • There are no physical addresses or contact numbers provided in the footer of the website, which is critical for your confirmation as to whether Is Real.
  • E-Commerce Portals – An e-commerce portal that sells inflatable products including air furniture and pool sets.
  • Address of Portal –
  • Email Id – (domain not pertaining to that of the website).
  • You may sort by “Date Modified.”
  • Price of Product – provided in US Dollars
  • Payment – via PayPal
  • Customer Reviews – not available
  • Within seven days of delivery, subject to review by the seller.
  • To return an item, please note that we do not refund shipping and delivery costs.
  • Free shipping is available on purchases of $49.99 or more.
  • There is no way to track a package using UPS’s website. The link is not functional.


Is a trustworthy site? Read on to learn more about it. There are several benefits to purchasing from this portal, although they may be difficult to find.

  • The type of items being offered differs from that found on other websites.
  • A description of the product, as well as its technical specifications, has been clearly stated.


The following are the undesirable and negative aspects of this site:

  • The ‘track order’ button is non-functional, and it’s redirecting to the site’s homepage, which indicates that the portal was set up poorly. Your suspicions about Is were validated as a result of this poor web design.
  • Customers are not able to buy more than one product on the home page, which is a significant contradiction with the “Each customer can only purchase one item” quote. This further demonstrates poor website design.
  • There are several grammatical mistakes in the policy statements. Furthermore, in the policies, there are repetitions of terms, which suggests that the concerned team is casual about important words and conditions that must be included on the portal.
  • Customers are not able to leave reviews on the portal for any goods.
  • Finally, because of the lack of contact information and the novelness of this portal, it has credibility concerns.

Bottom line:

You must be certain that buying through this portal is not safe. We would never have trusted a website like this to purchase variety when there are plenty of excellent options available on the market. However, as seasoned consumers, the ultimate choice rests with you.

Whatever your location, what is your opinion on Is Legit? Please submit a remark below with your views on this site. You may go here to learn more about the site.

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