Is a Scam

Is a Scam [update 2021]? It Doesn’t Look Like

Have you ever heard about the site named as

Have you ever wondered whether it is scam or legit?

What it’s features are and whether there is any bonus? You can find truthful answers on this page.

You will find all the valid news about the site here, including its guide to work!

Do you think is a scam? If so, you’re not the only one who thinks this way. This company has a low trust rating and no genuine reviews on their website.

Let’s take a closer look at and see what we find out about it.

Below, we’ll provide some alternatives for gameover sale that are probably better than gameover sale itself!

If you’re on the hunt for game consoles, seems like a good place to look. But is it?

There are mixed reviews about this retailer and some really think it’s a scam (it doesn’t help that has such a low trust rating).

Let’s dive in and see if we can figure out how legitimate truly is!

What is gameover sale was established in 1999 and is a game retailer company that sells game consoles, game accessories, game deals, game codes, game keys and game bundles.

The company also deals with game deals. Game deals are deals on video games through the company’s website or third-party sites that they have partnered with. Customers can get game deals on products like consoles, handhelds, games, game keys, game codes, game bundles and more. is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee 37620 United States of America. They also have an office address in San Francisco 94103 United States of America.

Specifications of Game Over Sale website:

  • Domain Age: It had been created 22 days ago.
  • E-portal Link:
  • E-portal Nature: Online retailer offers delivery over the US and worldwide.
  • Products Offering: Gaming consoles.
  • Email ID:
  • There is no customer support number on the site.
  • Here are the specifics of the shipping timeliness you should know before placing your order. The delivery time depends on where you’re ordering from and whether it’s local to you. US orders take around 7-15 days to arrive, whereas global shipments take 2-4 weeks.
  • Yes, you can cancel your order before it is delivered.
  • Under $250 -> The delivery costs will be subtracted from the purchase price.
  • Yes, within 40 days after delivery.
  • It’s a fraud: the website is suspicious.
  • People may get a refund.
  • Exchange: On damaged or defective items, it is possible.
  • PayPal, Stripe and Skrill are three of the most popular payment gateways. Credit Card and Direct Bank Transfer (DBS) are two additional options.

Is a Scam?

At first, it will be better to let you know that we have found numerous holes in this website that indicate it is suspicious. In the below, we will discuss the flaws, so please read this section until the end.

  • The firm has recently entered the e-commerce business. The domain registration date was February 22nd 2021.
  • The site is not accessible in all countries because it includes a shipping charge.
  • The company has not supplied the physical address of its headquarters.
  • It provides a return, although no address is provided.
  • It lacks a customer care phone number.
  • There are no brand and owner details displayed, so there will be no one to report you if it does deceive.
  • It lacks a presence on social media.
  • We couldn’t discover a single review on this site, which is why we can’t tell whether those comments are genuine or not.
  • Although the trust index reveals 60%, the material is almost entirely plagiarized.

These events have generated doubts about its legality.

Alternatives to gameover sale

Some game consoles that are alternatives to include game consoles that are made by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

List of game consoles that are alternatives to gameover sale:

  • Xbox One Game Console
  • PlayStation 4 Game Console
  • Nintendo Switch game console
  • Nintendo game consoles
  • Sony game console

There are other game consoles that are alternatives to gameover sale, but these listed here are some of the most popular.

If you have any questions about or if you want more information on its legitimacy, please leave your comments below! Thanks for reading.


  • It is a fantastic option for those searching for a budget-friendly video gaming system.
  • It contains email ID information, as well as details of the shipment and return procedure.
  • The site is secured with an HTTPS connection.
  • Refunds, exchanges, and cancellations are all options.
  • It can be found in almost every country.
  • Shipping is free when you order at least $49 and it has a minimum purchase requirement of $49.


  • The contact information and brand details are missing.
  • The internet does not have any review sites.
  • There is no social media presence for the site.
  • It is not well-liked yet.
  • Payments can be made using a credit card. Reviews of consumers:

On the site we have observed several reviews with ratings, and all of them are favorable with five out of five stars. How can you trust this? To find the truth, we researched different portals, but we didn’t see a single remark about it. The only two reviews we saw were on the site itself. We don’t think that you should trust gameover sale, because of its low rating and lack of remarks about it.

If you read (or search for) reviews of our site, you will find all of them are favorable with five stars. Is this true? To establish the fact, we research different forums; however, we found not a single remark about it.

However, the site doesn’t have a social media account to check for reliability because we could not find a way to verify those comments.

Let me tell you that the site also doesn’t have any contact detail like you could reach them. It’s not a big deal since they do not go out and provide those information to avoid scam.

There are thousands of email to read and those mean there must be something right and worth checking.

The Bottom Line:

In the above feature, we have seen that whether this site is a scam or not.

We have experienced how can you carry out an investigation on a website using the internet.

From the above feature of Review & Scam, we can see that it might be a scam. In case you want to use it, better be careful while making its purchase.

Seller Of is the same with previous mentioned ones. The description of products are not so detailed or maybe they are faked.

There are no customer reviews available on the site. Still, it does not mean that this online shop is safe to use.

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  1. I ordered a ps5 through gamestop and already received it so this is definitely a scam I recommend if you ordered from here you call your bank and dispute your charges from this place.

  2. It is definitely a scam. I ordered the Playstation 5 and only got email confirming my order and nothing after that. Do not buy anything off this site!!!! I had to file a dispute with my bank. I hope they get what they deserve!!!!!!

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