How Can I Get My Ps4 To Play Through Headset And Tv

How Can I Get My Ps4 To Play Through Headset And Tv? Complete Guide!

Do you want to be able to play your PlayStation 4 games through your headphones and TV? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we will walk you through the process of setting up your PS4 to play through both your headset and TV. This is a great way to avoid disturbing others in your household when playing video games late at night.

Let’s get started!

What do you need to get started playing through your headset and TV?

To be able to play your PlayStation 4 games through both your headphones and TV, you will need the following items:

  • A PlayStation 4 console
  • A HDMI cable
  • A headset or pair of headphones
  • A TV

Once you have gathered all of the necessary items, you are ready to begin!

How to physically connect your devices?

Now that you have all of the necessary items, it’s time to connect them together. First, you will need to connect the HDMI cable from your PlayStation 4 console to your TV. Once that is done, you can connect your headset or headphones to the PS4 controller.

Finally, you will need to sign in to your PSN account on your PlayStation console.

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How to configure your audio for the best experience?

Once you have physically connected all of your devices, it is time to configure the audio settings. To do this, press the up arrow on your D-Pad to access the Settings menu. From there, select “Sound and Screen” and then “Audio Output Settings.”

From the Audio Output Settings menu, you will want to set the “Primary Output Port” to “HDMI.” Next, set the “Audio Format (Priority)” to “Bitstream (Dolby).”

If you are using a headset, you can now select your desired audio output from the list of options. If you are using headphones that are connected to your PS controller, you can choose the “All Audio” option.

You have now successfully configured your audio settings!

How to play games using your new setup?

Now that you have configured your audio settings, it is time to start playing some games! To do this, simply navigate to the game you want to play and hit the “X” button on your controller.

From there, select the “Play” option and you will be taken to the game’s main menu. From here, you can start playing your game through your headphones and TV!

We hope this guide was helpful in getting you set up to play through your headset and TV. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Happy gaming!


Can I use any headphones with my PS controller?

Yes, you can use any headphones that have a standard headphone jack.

Do I need to have a PlayStation Plus membership to play online multiplayer games?

Yes, you will need to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play online multiplayer games.

Can I use my TV’s speakers instead of headphones?

Yes, you can output the sound to your TV’s speakers by selecting the “TV Speakers” option from the Audio Output Settings menu. However, we recommend using headphones for the best experience.

What kinds of input and output devices are there on the PS4?

You can have different input and output devices on PlayStation 4 by connecting your devices with an HDMI cable, connecting a headset to the controller, and signing into your PSN account.

Why won’t my headphones function on my PS4?

If you are experiencing issues with your headphones not working on your PS4, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try.

First, be sure to check that your headphones are properly connected to the PS4 controller. Next, make sure the audio output settings on your PS4 are configured correctly. Finally, try resetting the PSN account on your PS console.

If you continue to experience issues, please reach out to customer support for assistance.

How can I listen to games and party chat at the same time on my PS4?

You will need to connect your TV and headphones to the PS4 console in order to hear game chat and party chat at the same time. Be sure to follow the steps in this guide to properly configure your audio settings.

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