Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam

Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam [2022] – A Fake Link Scam!

Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam [2022] – A Fake Link Scam!>> In this post, we’ll look at the fraud perpetrated by the Coca-Cola Foundation.

Do you remember the Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam? If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This scam was so popular that it managed to go viral on social media websites like WhatsApp and Facebook.


The scam involved fake messages being sent from Coca Cola’s official account, asking people to participate in a giveaway contest by clicking on a link. If you fell for this scam, you would have been taken to a website where you would have had to enter your personal information.

What Is Coca Cola Welfare Fund:

The coca cola foundation was founded back in 1984, and till then, this foundation is working on supporting a sustainable community, and till now. The foundation has been successful in providing support to many individuals, schools, and non-profit organizations. The Coca-Cola Foundation is committed to building sustainable communities around the world.

The Coca-Cola Company is primarily responsible for the commitments of the Foundation. The Foundation supports the Company’s strategic objectives by focusing on three main pillars: water stewardship, active, healthy living, and community recycling.

The Coca Cola Welfare Fund offers a range of products, including discounted cinema tickets and days out at theme parks. The fund also offers discounted products from national retailers like Currys PC World and Argos.

While there are no specific requirements for membership, you will need to register with the site before you can start shopping through it. The website itself notes that it’s open to Coca-Cola employees and ex-employees as well as their families. However, if you are not an employee or ex-employee – but know someone who is – you might be able to sign up using their details.

Reality Of Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2022:

The coca cola welfare fund scam is an online scam that promises discounted products from popular retailers like Currys PC World and Argos. However, the reality is that this fund does not exist. The only way to receive these discounts is to be a member of the coca cola employee family, which most people are not.

So, if you’re approached by someone asking for your personal information in order to sign up for this fund, be aware that it’s likely a scam and you should not provide any personal details.

If you have been the victim of this scam, or any other online scam for that matter, you should report it to your local police. Additionally, you can also file a complaint with Action Fraud, which is the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting center. They will be able to help you to take action against the scammers and may be able to recover any money that you have lost.

How To Report These Kinds Of Scam:

You may report fake link scams like the Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2022 by following these steps:

  • Stop using links and give out anonymous texts
  • Always double-check the legitimacy of a link before clicking on it.
  • Do not give out your personal information or other personal data.
  • Before clicking on the link, double-check the URL.
  • If you have inadvertently given your personal information in the Coca-Cola scam link, you may get technical assistance by calling 016 451 678.


It is important to be vigilant when clicking on links, especially in cases where there seems to be something too good to be true. By following the steps mentioned above, you can help protect yourself from fake link scams like the Coca Cola Welfare Fund Scam 2022.

Remember that if you do fall victim to one of these scams, it is important not to panic and instead take action by reporting it and seeking assistance as needed.

Be sure to stay safe online and protect yourself from scams by following these simple tips! Thank you for reading.

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