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Aruelute Com Reviews [2022]: Web Store for Sewing and Quilting Supplies

Aruelute Com Reviews [2022]: Web Store for Sewing and Quilting Supplies >> Get all the information you need about a website that sells sewing threads. Read on to understand more.

Aruelute Com Reviews is a web store that supplies sewing and quilting products. They sell items such as fabric, notions, embroidery needles, sergers, and much more. This online shop has been around for a few years now and has received many reviews from its customers. In this article, we will give you all the information about Aruelute Com so you can decide if it’s worth your time to visit their site or not!

Are you looking for a web store that offers all kinds of sewing and quilting products? If yes, then here are all the details and write-up of Aruelute Com delivering sewing and quilting products around the United States.


All the queries about this online shop are presented down which will help you determine if it’s worth shopping at this online store or not.

This blog will give you all the details of the Aruelute Com website, its specifications, facts, and much more relevant information. So continue reading further if you are keen on knowing about it.

What Is Aruelute Com?:

Aruelute Com is a great online shop that you can use to buy your daily or special need items. I recently purchased three spools of thread from the website. The price of the thread was very cheap. It contained twelve spools of thread with different colors and they were all waxed thread. The shipping was free and it got delivered to my home within three days.

The thread was high quality and very durable. It was sewed on the fabric easily and the stitches were even. I never had any problems with it. I would certainly recommend this store to everyone looking for good sewing thread at an affordable price.


  • The site link is
  • Store email address is SUPPORT@ARUELUTE.COM
  • Store customer service contact number is (662) 288-2073
  • The location of the store is 1475 Ward circle, West Point, Mississippi 39773, US
  • The store accepts returns till fourteen days of purchase
  • No refund is issued. Only store credit is given
  • Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, no cancellations can be accepted by the Aruelute.
  • The store accepts payments through PayPal only.


Aruelute Com Reviews ships products internationally, so the company is accessible to interested consumers worldwide.

The store carries different colors of sewing threads.


  • The web store is quite young, which is not a great sign
  • The store hasn’t put its vision and aim in the about us section.
  • The web store does not give refunds.
  • Payments in the store can be made online via a PayPal account.
  • The web store does not accept orders to be canceled once they have been placed.
  • The web store has no feedback or customer response online.

Is Aruelute Com Legit?:

As it turns out, if you want to find a good product, sometimes it is not enough just to read various reviews. You should also be able to study other facts that determine its legitimacy. The website age is very less as it has completed only 85 days of existence.

However, we must be honest and say that this fact doesn’t make it a scam. It’s just a little alarming. But there are other factors that can speak for its legitimacy or against it. Let’s see all those!

Even though the website states that it is based in the United States, we have found out that Aruelute Com does not provide any information about themselves anywhere on their website except for the contact form and their email id which is [email protected]. This makes us believe the fact that the website has been made with a fake name and address.

We have found out that Aruelute Com doesn’t provide any information about themselves anywhere on their website except for the contact form and their email id which is [email protected].

Bottom line:

Aruelute Com is a new e-commerce store that is selling sewing threads online. It has just been launched on the e-commerce platform. Aruelute Com Reviews are unavailable everywhere. The site seems to be a dubious one. So, we recommend consumers not to place an order from Aruelute Com as the store is not secure.

How do you feel about this store? Please comment!

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