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Among Us Venting: How to Vent On the Among Us game

Venting is a key gameplay mechanic in the popular online multiplayer game Among Us. It allows Impostors to travel unseen between different rooms and provides an easy way for them to move around the map undetected.

Key Takeaways on Venting in Among Us

  • Venting allows Impostors to quickly traverse the map unseen by jumping into vents. Engineers can also use vents.
  • Vent locations are fixed and crewmates can see the vent animations when Impostors use them.
  • Venting can help Impostors sneak up on crewmates, escape risky situations, and create alibis.
  • Smart use of vents is crucial for Impostor strategy and staying hidden.
  • Crewmates should be vigilant around vents and note if anyone disappears after a venting animation.

What is Venting in Among Us?

How To Vent In Among Us?

Venting refers to the ability of Impostors and Engineers to enter and travel through the ventilation shafts or “vents” connecting different rooms in Among Us maps.

When an Impostor approaches a vent, they can press the dedicated vent button to open the vent and jump inside. This allows them to swiftly move to another vent located elsewhere on the map.

Once inside the vent system, the Impostor remains completely hidden from view. They can exit the vents through any other vent opening. Crewmates cannot see Impostors traveling inside vents.

Vents provide the perfect way for Impostors to covertly navigate the map without being caught in the hallways. Skilled Impostors learn vent locations and use them strategically to evade suspicion and attack crewmates when they least expect it.

How Do Vents Work in Among Us?

  • Vents are fixed locations that remain consistent in each map.
  • Players cannot create new vents or destroy existing vents.
  • Impostors and Engineers are the only roles able to enter and use the vent system.
  • Crewmates cannot see anyone inside the vent – only the vent opening/closing.
  • Venting makes no noise and is silent. Impostors do not have to worry about being heard.
  • Using a vent takes a couple seconds for the animation. Impostors are vulnerable during the animation.
  • Impostors have a short cooldown after venting before they can vent again.
  • Venting leaves no trace. Crewmates cannot tell if someone vented unless they directly witness it.

Vent Locations on Among Us Maps

The number and placement of vents varies between the three main maps in Among Us: The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus.

The Skeld Vent Locations

The Skeld has a total of 7 vents distributed across the map:

  • Cafeteria (2 vents)
  • Medbay
  • Electrical
  • Security
  • Upper Engine
  • Lower Engine

MIRA HQ Vent Locations

MIRA HQ has 10 vents in total:

  • Cafeteria
  • Medbay (2 vents)
  • Decontamination
  • Admin
  • Greenhouse
  • Office
  • Launchpad
  • Lockers
  • Laboratory

Polus Vent Locations

Polus is the largest map and features 14 vents:

  • Office
  • Admin
  • Vault
  • O2
  • Comms
  • Decontamination (3 vents)
  • Laboratory
  • Specimen Room
  • Storage
  • Lockers
  • Gap Room
  • Dropship
MapNumber of Vents
The Skeld7

How to Use Venting as an Impostor

Venting is the Impostor’s most powerful tool for deception and avoiding detection. Here are some tips on using vents effectively:

  • Learn vent locations – Be familiar with all vent locations and connections on each map. Plan routes and escape paths.
  • Vent to sneak attack – Use vents to suddenly appear behind lone crewmates when they least expect it. Quickly hop out, eliminate, and hop back in.
  • Create alibis– Vent from one room to another to create fake tasks. Crewmates may think you walked there.
  • Escape risky situations– If caught somewhere you shouldn’t be, hop into a vent and reposition yourself elsewhere.
  • Evade lockdowns– Use venting to get around closed doors during crises and lockdowns.
  • Sabotage and vent – Time venting with sabotages. The confusion can cover your venting trail.
  • Avoid venting in groups – Only vent when alone and unseen. Venting in front of witnesses immediately gives you away.
  • Vent with cooldowns – You can’t spam vent. Use cooldowns to your advantage and don’t vent unless necessary.
  • Hide vent ambushes – Hide inside vents and pop out to ambush lone crewmates when they pass by.

How Crewmates Can Catch Venting

While venting itself is invisible, crewmates have a few ways to potentially catch Impostors venting:

  • Watch vent animations – Keep an eye out for the vent open and close animation. Make note if someone disappears after.
  • Note locations – Know where vents are located. If you found a body in a room with no obvious exit path, venting may be the answer.
  • Capture on cameras – Security cameras placed on vents can potentially catch Impostors venting.
  • Bait with tasks – Fake tasking near vents and see if Impostors take the bait.
  • Group monitor – When completing tasks in groups, note if one member suddenly vanishes.
  • Communication – Immediately report venting animations and suspicions to other crewmates.


Venting is a key ability in Among Us that shapes Impostor strategy and gameplay. Mastering when and where to vent takes practice, map knowledge, timing, and creativity.

Crewmates must keep their eyes peeled around vents and be ready to call out suspicious activity. Venation creates thrilling cat and mouse dynamics – and has cemented Among Us as a multiplayer sensation.

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