Why Did Max Leave First Take

Why Did Max Leave First Take and the controversy behind it.

Why Did Max Leave First Take?

Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith both hosts of the show First Take are popular for their fiery debate on various sports topics. Both the hosts made their debut on the show in 2007 but why did Max leave First Take? There were reports that Max left because of “money issues” and there were also reports that he left because of some personal problems with Stephen A. Smith.

After Max Kellerman left First Take, ESPN was in a dilemma whether to replace him or not because of him being one of the finest hosts for many years. But, after a long wait and deliberation, ESPN finally decided to replace Kellerman with another popular host, Molly Qerim, who joined First Take in 2018 January.

The reason behind this controversial decision was that ESPN wanted to give Stephen A. Smith a bigger role on the show by giving him a co-host so that he can express his views without any interruption from someone else.


The fans are still divided whether it is a good move or not by ESPN and they should have thought twice before bringing Qerim on board because she is not as good as Kellerman was in terms of debating skills and even her looks are not quite impressive as Kellerman’s.

What is First Take?

ESPN’s First Take is a popular sports debate and commentary show that airs daily from 10 am to noon, featuring a rotating panel of sports analysts and hosts discussing every aspect of both contemporary and ongoing sporting events.

What is First Take?

The Sports Reporters debuted on ESPN in 1992 and aired for one season. It was hosted by Dan Patrick and Jay Crawfield, who later went on to co-host the show with Dana Jacobson. Various show segments were altered in 2011, and Skip Bayless was named as host. In 2012, Jay Crawford departed from the program,

What made Max leave First take; The beginning of the controversy

The first spark of controversy occurred when Dan Smith, Max’s co-host, gave an interview saying that Max was always too enthusiastic and therefore shut down other panelists’ opinions. This sentence is now shorter and tells the reader what happened,

It has been a year since Max Kellerman’s last appearance on First Take, and things are heating up once again.

Kellerman, who was absent from the show for years after having his sleep apnea operation and recuperating, which was a loss for Max. So, why did Max leave First Take? The issue has resurfaced recently with the official Twitter account of ‘First Take’ bidding farewell to host Max Kellerman.

According to SBNation, Kellerman had a lot of discussions with ESPN over the past few months about getting back into the game with his own show. However, it seems like ESPN is not ready to give in so easily and is reportedly insisting that he comes back to work at First Take before they even consider him for his own show.

What made Max leave First take; The beginning of the controversy

However, Kellerman is said to be unhappy about this proposal from ESPN and is not willing to compromise on this point or negotiate any further. Moreover, he believes that First Take is a sinking ship and so does not want to go back there.

The Reports answer

Reports claim that the response to our inquiry has been made visible on a lot of different platforms, if true. According to sources, Stephen A. Smith has long sought to get Max Kellerman off the popular sports debate show. Smith, who appeared on the program a year ago, was not given a reason. However, it was explained to him that Max Kellerman’s role as a debate model wasn’t resonating because he didn’t offer any room for doubt. So, Why Did Max Leave First Take? Smith recently expressed his gratitude and asked for Max Kellerman’s return after ESPN removed him from the program. Smith was probably the only one to make a statement before everyone else, according to recent comments. Despite his claims that it is not personal, it appears to be so.


In conclusion, it can be said with certainty that ESPN has not let Max Kellerman leave the channel and has put him up in another boxing talk show as Why Did Max Leave First Take, but the professional grudges and influence by Smith cast some doubt upon the channel’s alleged insistence.

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