Freekey Zekey Net Worth

Freekey Zekey Net Worth: Know All Details about the Rapper

Rap and music are loved by many people as they like freekey zekey as well.

For those who are interested in knowing his success journey and Freekey Zekey Net Worth, you can read this article.

The American rapper Freekey Zekey is known for his freestyle rapping skills. He has been active in the music industry since 1988 and has released more than 15 albums.

His net worth is estimated to be about $2 million as of 2018, but he also has a lot of other sources of income which brings his net worth up to that number.


Who is Freekey Zekey? 

Do want to know more about Freekey Zekey? If you are American and a fan of him then you will be pleased to know information regarding him. Know about his net worth, his career, family members, and more.

Freekey Zekey is a famous United States rapper and producer who has a lot of experience in the field of music. He has been working on it since he was a child and now he is very popular for his skills.

After being in prison, Freekey Zeekey was able to get his life back on track with the help of some people that were there for him. After that, he started again his career in music and made some great songs that made him very famous. He is also known for his talent for freestyling.

Who is Freekey Zekey? 

The main source of his popularity is the song “Choosy Lover” which was released in 2000 by Big Beat Records. He has published 17 albums and 4 mixtapes. Some of his most famous albums are Choosy Lover, Underground Solja Ranks and It’s Not Safe.

By publishing these albums, Freekey Zekey has had many great performances all around the world. So, considering Freekey Zekey Net Worth, he must be making a fortune from all this.

His fans can find him on social networks like Twitter and Instagram where he publishes photos and talks to them about his life. Also, he has over 96 thousand followers on Twitter and 11 thousand followers on Instagram. His real name is Ezekiel Giles but he is known better by his stage name which is Freekey Zekey.

How did Freekey Zeekey become famous?

Freekey Zeekey who is a famous American hip-hop recording artist and actor is best known for his song “Juice” which was released in 2000. This song became the best-selling single of 2001 by “The Diplomats” and it also won four awards such as Platinum Single of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Rap Song, and Single of the Year.

The debut album of Freekey Zeekey was released on 24 July 2007 and it is titled “Book of Ezekiel”. The first single from this album was released on 26 March 2007 and it was titled “1-800-Hustler”. The second single from this album was released on 21 May 2007 and it was named “Ain’t No Way Around It”.

In August 2009, his second album was released titled “My Life & Freaky Times” which had been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In 2012, he started working on his third album titled “The Luca Brasi Story” but due to some personal issues, he decided to release a mixtape instead of an album.

In 2014, Freekey Zekey released a free mixtape titled “Heist of the Century”. In August 2016, he announced that his fourth studio album would be entitled “The Turn Up Godz Tour”, but this plan was canceled due to some issues with his label and so it never came out. His fifth studio album “Freekey Zekey” was released on 17 August 2017.

His latest song “Juice” is a free download and it can be found online for free at many websites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and so on. This makes Freeke Zeekey net worth higher because he earns money from these free downloads too which are also counted in Freeke Zeekey net worth.

Is Freeke Zekey married? Does he have a wife?

When it comes to his personal life, Freeke Zekey is not married but he has been in a relationship with some women. In 2014, he was dating an American model and actress named Candice Brook for more than one year. They both were also seen at many events together but they separated soon.

Is Freeke Zekey married? Does he have a wife?

On 19 February 2016, Freeke Zekey announced that he was expecting his first child with Tiala Raquel who is a fashion designer based in New York City, and the same year on 27 August she gave birth to their son named Lucious Lyon Giles.

What is Freekey Zekey Net Worth

As one of the topmost rap superstars, Freekey Zekey net worth is $1 million to $5 million. To know more about him tap on this link.

Freekey Zeekey’s extremely rigid and tough journey from being a poor man to being a top rapper is an inspiration to the upcoming games. The way he has utilized his life’s opportunities and limited resources to get through hard times and become a legendary rapper is proof of his hard work ethic and his never-say-die attitude. He did not see the hurdles that he had to face in his life as a barrier but rather, he took them all as a chance to get closer to success. That determination has paid off for him today, and his fans can see how wealthy he has become through his songs and albums.


Bottom Line

We’ve been able to analyze the data and conclude that the total amount of Freekey Zekey net worth is as much as 5$ million dollars. In addition, Freekey Zekey has been nominated for numerous awards, which have also added up a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Freekey Zekey net worth.

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